New version of Nelio A/B testing: Ready for WP 3.9 and much more

If only I had a calendar where I could schedule all my upcoming posts… Hold on a sec, I do have one! And it even helps me to promote it on social networks! Discover our new plugin!

Where WordPress goes, we follow suit! We have released a couple of new versions of Nelio A/B testing to make sure Nelio works smoothly with WordPress 3.9 and that include also many other small updates to improve your user experience with the plugin. If you’ve not yet done it, update now and benefit from all these new features!


  • Bug fix: title tag does no longer show a notice on certain installations
  • Bug fix: heatmap tracking script now works for those elements that include the attribute “class”, but for which no classes are specified


  • Tested with version 3.9
  • Added “Preview” buttons for the original and goal pages when creating/editing an experiment.
  • Added a “Back” button when viewing Heatmaps, so that the user can now go back and forth between the progress of a experiment and the heatmaps of its alternatives
  • Improved user interface in “the Progress of the experiment” page, making the possible actions visible at all times
  • Improved Heatmap tracking scripts
  • Bug fix: compatibility issues with older versions of IE


Antonio obtained his PhD in Computer Science at UPC. He has several publications in the field of data mining and information retrieval applied to conceptual modeling and health informatics. He specialized in the design, development, and integration of web services and cloud applications. He's an active contributor to the WordPress community and participates in meetups, seminars and WordCamps.

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