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One of the things I like the most about WordPress is its plugin system–there's a lot you can do! For instance, you can download and install our new plugin, Nelio Content.

It’s been a while since we first introduced Title Experiments in Nelio A/B Testing. Back in December, 2013, we presented Title Experiments as a simplified way to define A/B Experiments for Pages or A/B Experiments for Posts in which the only difference between the original version and its alternatives was the title. So, how did a Title Experiment work? Well, it followed the same principle that Page or Post Experiments follow: you created several alternatives of your original post (that is, you proposed different titles), you then selected one goal page or post (that is, the page or post your visitors had to go to, right after seeing the post you were testing), and you started the experiment! Anyone who went from the tested post (seeing one of the different title versions) to the goal page would be counted as a conversion.

After a few weeks, some of you contacted us and asked for an improved version of title testing. You’re probably wondering what “an improved version” means? Essentially, you told us the idea behind testing different titles for a particular post is to determine which title is more appealing to your visitors. So, for example, think about your Latest Posts page, or a Related Posts section in your sidebar. In both cases, you have the titles (and probably the excerpts) of some of your posts. And what do you want? That’s right! You want your visitors to click the link of that post to read the post! If you could test different titles there, you’d be able to see which one looks more appealing to your customers and makes them click it and keep reading.


Screenshot of the interface for creating Title Experiments with Nelio A/B Testing
Screenshot of the interface for creating Title Experiments with Nelio A/B Testing

So what did we do? Well, as we always say our customers come first… so we listened to you, folks, and we redesigned from scratch how Title Experiments work! Starting at version 2.0.9, creating Title Experiments is easier than ever. Just select the page or post whose title you want to test and create as many alternative titles as you want. Once you’re done (no goal pages are required), start the experiment. Just remember:

  • Every time a visitor accesses a page on your site, and that page contains a link to the page under test with its title, that is a “tested page view”.
  • When a visitor accesses the tested page (to see the whole content), that is a conversion.

And that’s it! If you haven’t joined our service, you now have one more reason to do it! We’ll be glad to help you with whatever we can. And, remember, Title Testing is only one of the many things you can A/B test with our service.


He obtained his PhD in Computer Science at UPC. David leads the analysis and design of our services and the user support area. He's interested in a variety of areas, including conceptual modeling, virtual reality, and 3D digital printing. He contributes to the WordPress community by participating in meetups, seminars, and the WCEU.

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