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When we released Nelio Content one year ago, we promised one thing—it’ll make content creation and promotion faster and easier. Now Nelio Content is about to turn one year old and I think we’ve delivered what we promised! And I’m not the only one with this opinion. Our plugin has over 3,000 active sites. Nelio Content subscriber base is growing week after week, which demonstrates that we’re solving a real problem.

I think that part of its success is the care we take in what we do. If you look at the plugin‘s changelog you’ll see what I’m talking about. We’ve been improving it release after release, so that you could enjoy working with it. Every single release in Nelio Content had the same goal in mind: make your life easier. Custom post types in version 1.1, share selection in version 1.2, or integrated analytics (version 1.2 too) are just a few examples of simple functionalities with a huge impact in your performance.

But that’s nothing compared to what we’ve created now. Version 1.3 is the best solution you’ll find to increase your productivity. Since today, you can rely on Nelio Content to do all the hard work for you. Yes, that’s right! The plugin will work for you; not the other way around!

Social Automations

The base version of Nelio Content will boost your efficiency at writing and promoting content. But, if you really want to take your blog to the next level, you need to focus on writing content and let us take care of the “boring stuff”. Nelio Content with Social Automations is now able to promote your posts without your doing anything!

Social Automations is an addon for Nelio Content that automatically generates multiple social messages to promote your posts on social media, using both templates and post content itself. Before social automations you had to fill the social timeline manually:

Social Media Timeline
Viewing the scheduled social messages you have for any post and adding new ones is extremely easy with this timeline.

which is clearly better than promoting content network by network. But we felt like we could do way better… and so did we! Social Automations reduce your workload to virtually zero. Just click on Create Social Messages Automatically:

Create Social Messages Automatically
Nelio Content with Social Automations automatically creates all the social messages you need to promote a post. Click on the button and let it do the hard work for you.

and BAM! A full timeline appears in front of you:

Automatic Social Timeline
Automatically-generated social messages are based on (a) the content of your post and (b) social templates.

The messages automatically generated by Nelio Content are based on (a) your post content, because Nelio summarizes it and extracts the most relevant sentences, which are then used to create tweets, and (b) using social templates that you can customize.

On the other hand, just a few blogs write new content on a daily basis. This is a problem, because they can’t share content on social media as often as other blogs. Or can they? I’m pretty sure your blog has several “evergreen” posts that can be reshared again and help someone else. After all, good ideas never die. Well, Nelio Content with Social Automations also takes care of this by resharing old content and making sure your editorial calendar looks like this:

Editorial Calendar with Automatic Messages
Nelio Content with Social Automations will fill all your social profiles for you with older content if there’s nothing new to share. This way, you’ll maximize your chances of driving traffic to your website.

The algorithm for selecting which posts are reshared considers the following criteria:

  • Traffic acquisition. The more traffic it generates, the most likely it’ll be reshared.
  • Age. Newest post are more likely to be shared than older content. But old posts will still have a chance to get reshared.
  • Manual overwrites. If you tell Nelio not to share a specific post, it won’t reshare it automatically.

Customizing Automations

The goal of Nelio’s automations is to make your life easier. But we want to make sure that, whatever it is that our plugin does, it’s something you’d do manually. That’s why you can customize how social automations work. Just take a look at our knowledge base and learn how to configure your social profiles, your social templates, or the automatic publication frequency.

Social Templates in Nelio Content
You can easily customize how your automatic messages will look like by customizing the social templates included in Nelio Content.

Just take a look at our pricing page and join social automations today! I guarantee you you’ll love them ?

What Else?

Nelio Content 1.3 does not only include social automations, but it also comes with tons of improvements:

  1. All icons are now SVG-based, looking gorgeous on all screen sizes.
  2. Select the post category during its creation in the calendar.
  3. We redesigned Setting screen.
  4. We improved preview block when creating new social messages and no profiles are selected yet.
  5. We updated all our underscore templates. They no longer use ASP-like tags <% %>, because they generated a 500 server error in some installations.
  6. And many, many more. Just download the plugin and check how awesome it is!

So, tell me, have you already tried it out? Do you like it? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below and helps us to create an even better plugin!

Featured Image by Jens Johnsson.

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