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At Nelio we know that taking care of our users is one of the best investments to continue growing. Not only do we try to give them a support service that goes beyond solving a problem, but we also take the opportunity to listen to their needs and identify how we can improve our tools and our support documentation.

Following some of our clients’ requests, let’s take a look at some of the new features we have developed in Nelio Content that you will love. In particular, the new options for sharing content on social networks.

The Nelio Content Plugin

Nelio Content is a WordPress plugin that aims to simplify the creation and promotion of your content. It has been designed from the ground up to help you plan, create, and promote your blog efficiently and effortlessly. It includes an editorial calendar that displays published and scheduled posts, promotional messages for those posts, and scheduled tasks.

Screenshot of the editorial calendar of Nelio Content
Screenshot of the editorial calendar of Nelio Content in which posts, social messages and scheduled tasks are displayed.

You can create promotional messages for any post manually or automatically using Social Automations.

Social Automations

Social Automations is one of the most powerful features included in Nelio Content. It processes the content you write and generates all the social messages needed to reach a wider audience and maximize the impact of your posts on all your social networks.

The Social Automations functionality includes two algorithms for the promotion of your content: one for generating the timeline of social messages of a post and another one for re-sharing old content.

Nelio A/B Testing

Native Tests for WordPress

Use your WordPress page editor to create variants and run powerful tests with just a few clicks. No coding skills required.

Automatic Timeline Generation

After writing a post, creating each of the messages that you want to be published on each social network for the promotion of that post can take quite some time. To save you time, Nelio Content adds a section at the end of each post, Social Media, which contains a timeline with the social messages so you can schedule the promotion of that post on all your profiles.

Button to customize messages with Social Automations
Button to customize messages with Social Automations.

Here you can add a social message manually and/or you can generate a set of social posts automatically. All you have to do is press Customize Timeline and Nelio Content will fill the message queue for you.

Screenshot of a partial time line of social messages to share a post
Screenshot of a partial time line of social messages to share a post.

Re-share Old Content

Time is money and, as far as publishing content on your blog is concerned, both for your readers and for SEO, it is better to publish few quality posts than to publish more frequently but with little value. In this context, how do you manage to make noise on social networks to attract more traffic to your website? Fortunately, you can re-share the quality content you wrote previously to ensure there is a constant trickle of information on your social networks about your blog posts.

With these two automations, the time you save promoting posts is considerable. But you’re probably wondering: How do Social Automations algorithms work? What customization options do I have to avoid publishing repetitive messages that seem to be generated by a bot? Here are the answers to these questions, including the new features recently released with version 2.2.8 of the Nelio Content plugin.

Social Message Generation Sources

The message generation algorithm to populate a post’s promotion timeline may obtain content from different sources:

  1. analyzing your post and looking for relevant phrases,
  2. using the phrases of the text that you have previously highlighted as relevant,
  3. using the social templates that Nelio Content includes by default, along with the templates that you have defined for it, and
  4. using custom phrases that you have explicitly specified for that post.

Once the messages are generated, we recommend that you review and tweak them as you please. This way, you’ll be sure that the promotion of your post is exactly as you want it to be.

In the case of the message generation algorithm for re-sharing old content, since you do not have the possibility to review them and guarantee that all generated messages are correct, all sources but the first one will be used. In this case, in addition, the algorithm will decide whether or not to share a post based on its analytics (the more traffic and more social interactions, the more chances it will be shared again), its age and, of course, the sharing settings that we have indicated for that post, as I will tell you later.

Taking into account the sources used by the message generation algorithms, how do you customize each source?

For the second point, your post highlights, all you have to do is manually highlight the sentences and/or snippets from your content that you believe are relevant and could be shared verbatim on social media. Just select the desired text, click on the editor button with the down arrow, and indicate as highlighted for sharing on social networks.

Screenshot of social media highlight
Screenshot of how to highlight a text snippet for sharing on social networks.

Next, you can also customize the templates used by our plugin. In the Social Templates tab of the Nelio Content Settings, you can define message templates for each social profile/network you have connected. Each social template includes the pattern that the social message will have. For example:

  • New post on our site: {title} {excerpt}{permalink} {tags} 

will become the following tweet:

Finally, one of the new features of version 2.2.8 of the Nelio Content plugin is the option to add custom sentences that you want to be shared promoting your post.

Write custom phrases promoting a post
Write custom sentences promoting a post.

In the post’s Social Settings, you can check the Custom sentences checkbox and write which sentences you want to add as a resource in the automatic social message generation algorithms.

Automation Customization

The goal of automation is to simplify your life, but let’s see what aspects you should take into account to adjust Nelio Content automations and make sure they work the way you want them to.

Type of Content to Share

By default, Nelio Content considers that your goal is to promote your blog posts. But if you have other types of custom content on your website, in the Advanced tab of the plugin’s Settings, you can select any other types of content you have created on your website so that Nelio Content’s tools and functionalities are also available on them.

Nelio Content advanced settings
Nelio Content advanced settings.

Global Automatic Sharing

In addition, as you can see in the previous screenshot, you can also indicate what you want the default behavior as far as automations are concerns:

  • Includes all posts, unless you indicate otherwise. Nelio Content may share any post on your blog, except those that you’ve explicitly excluded from the reshare process.
  • Excludes all posts, unless you indicate otherwise. The opposite from the previous setting. That is, by default, Nelio Content will not share anything, except those posts you’ve explicitly marked as reshareable.
  • End sharing period for old content: by default Nelio Content never stops sharing old content, but you can also select from the drop-down if you want to stop sharing content once it’s one month, two months, three months, six months or one year old.

Social Profiles

In order for a post to be promoted on your social networks, you must have previously connected each social profile (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google My Business, Pinterest, Reddit, Instagram or Tumblr) with which you want it to be shared through Nelio Content.

Screenshot of the social profiles tab of Nelio Content Settings
Screenshot of the social profiles tab of Nelio Content Settings.

Here you have the option to select the frequency of automatic publication globally in all profiles (high, medium, or low). Or you can also indicate that it will be customized for each of the created profiles. If this is the case, you must indicate for each profile the number of social messages you want to be generated to promote each post that is published, and the maximum number of social messages you want to be published in each profile to re-share old content.

Thus, for example, in the image above you can see how in my LinkedIn profile, a message will be published when publishing a new post, but no old content will be reshared. On the other hand, in Nelio’s Twitter profile, 5 messages will be generated to promote new posts and, at most, 5 messages will be created each day in said profile promoting older posts.

Social Templates

For each of the profiles created, you can create different social templates so that the messages that are generated automatically look more personalized.

Social media templates in Nelio Content
Social media templates in Nelio Content.

Although by default you will always have a template created in all your profiles with the title and the link to the post, remember that you can create different templates both for the messages that are published at the time of publishing a post and for the messages with which you reshare old content.

Social Settings of Each Post

Finally, in each one of the posts you can customize the automatic message generation settings individually, regardless of what you have defined globally. With this new version of Nelio Content you can indicate the post’s sharing end period once published.

Selecting how to automatically share a post on social networks
Selection of how to automatically share a post on social networks.

For example, even if you generally want all old content to be re-shared in the future, this setting allows you to specify that a certain post should only be shared for a specific period of time.

But not only that, one of the new features that has also arrived with version 2.2.8 of the Nelio Content plugin, and that you have already been able to see in the image of how we could add custom sentences, is to explicitly indicate which sources you want to be used to generate the social messages that will promote that post.

Write custom phrases promoting a post
Social settings of a post in Nelio Content.

We can indicate whether we want to use the relevant phrases from the content, templates and/or custom sentences that we have added.

To Sum Up

Automations can save us a lot of work when it comes to promoting our blog posts. But we are aware, listening to our customers, that we must add some flexibility to customize this automation to some extent.

Now, with Nelio Content you can easily indicate when you want to end the promotion of all your posts at a global level, and/or at the specific level of each post. In addition, you can also add personalized sentences to each post to serve as an additional source of promotion.

We hope you like these improvements. Remember that we are always happy to hear your new suggestions for improvement! So let us know in the comment section below.

Featured image by Nick Fewings and Unsplash.

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