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A few days ago we published Nelio Content 3.4 – you can already download the latest version of our social media plugin at WordPress.org! If you’re an avid user of Nelio Content’s social capabilities, you’ll love to hear we’ve expanded the reach of our plugin to make it more accessible and easier to use. You can also create evergreen messages that you can reuse whenever you want. You can now access a post’s social timeline directly in the post list screen. And there’s also support for Hootsuite, so that you can connect social profiles using that platform! Wanna know more? Here you’ll find all the details you should know about Nelio Content 3.4.

Reusable Social Messages

Last year, in December, we released one of the most requested features for Nelio Content, Recurring Social Messages, which makes it possible to create multiple instances of a social message, defining the total number of messages that will be shared and the interval at which this will occur.

Today we go one step further and introduce Reusable Social Messages, another feature some of you have been requesting for quite some time now. Reusable messages are both evergreen and timely social messages that are always one click away in your calendar. When the need arises, all you gotta do is drag a reusable message into the calendar and drop it into the desired day, and boom!, you’ll get a new message ready to be published at the right time.

Reusable messages sidebar in Nelio Content’s editorial calendar
Reusable messages sidebar in Nelio Content’s editorial calendar.

To view your reusable social messages, simply click on the Reusable Messages icon in the top right edge of your Editorial Calendar. This will open the sidebar shown in the image above, showing a listing of the reusable messages you’ve previously created. You can also easily look for the specific message using the built-in search feature.

Of course, creating reusable messages is a simply as creating any other message. Just click on the + button in the Reusable Messages sidebar and you’ll be welcomed by a familiar user interface:

Screenshot of Nelio Content’s Reusable Social Message Editor
Creating and editing reusable messages is as easy as creating any other message in Nelio Content.

Making sure you stay in touch with your audience on all platforms has never been this easy!

Social Timeline

We know some of you love to use WordPress’ built-in post list screen to manage your upcoming posts, and would love to have access to each post’s social timeline there without the need to open the post in the editor. Well, wait no more, as next in the list of new things included in Nelio Content 3.4 is the integration of our Social Timeline in the post list screen.

If you now go to your Dashboard » Posts screen and hover on any post, you’ll see there’s a new action named Social Media. Click on it and you’ll see this:

Social Timeline in Post List Screen
You can now access a post’s social timeline directly from the post list screen. There’s no need to open the editor anymore!

In this timeline, you can easily edit the existing timeline, as well as create new messages. Don’t waste any time hopping in and out of the editor when you simply want to check/tweak your social messages.

Hootsuite Support

Finally, we’ve also added support to connect profiles in Nelio Content that you’ve previously connected to your Hootsuite account. To connect a new social profile via Hootsuite, simply go to Nelio Content » Settings » Social Profiles and select the network you’re interested in:

Connect profiles via Hootsuite in Nelio Content
Connect profiles via Hootsuite in Nelio Content.

If Hootsuite is supported for that network, you’ll see there’s an extra action in the dialog that lets you connect the profile via it. Follow the instructions on screen and that’s it.

Other Updates and Fixes

  • Assume all links are 25 characters long to prevent issues with Bluesky
  • Fix analytics refresh action in plugin settings
  • Fix template’s error message in universal group when using unsupported placeholders
  • Fix template’s placeholder selector to show all supported placeholders in universal group
  • Use latest exact time set in message and post editors
  • Warn user when Google Analytics token has expired and needs re-authentication

Featured Image by Keagan Henman on Unsplash.

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