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The new release of Nelio Content is now available. After the introduction of task presets, Nelio Content 3.3 extends its social compatibilities and adds support for Bluesky, one of the most popular social platforms. This version also adds some tweaks to customize your permalinks when sharing content on your social profiles, as well as several improvements and bug fixes.

Bluesky Support

One of the main objectives that Nelio Content pursues is to make it easy for WordPress users to share their content on social networks. We want to make sure your message reaches as many people as possible and, in particular, all those who follow you on each and every platform.

To make this possible, we’re continuously monitoring the available social platforms to integrate them into Nelio Content as much as possible. During the past few years, we’ve added support for more than 10 different services, including X, Facebook, Instagram, or Telegram, to name just a few. Continuing this trend, Nelio Content 3.3 expands its support for social media plaforms and adds Bluesky, the newest in the list of compatible services.

How to Connect

Connecting your Bluesky profile is as easy as it can get. Just go to Nelio Content’s Settings » Profiles and click on the Bluesky icon. The following window will pop up:

Dialog to connect a Bluesky profile with Nelio Content
Dialog to connect a Bluesky profile with Nelio Content.

Enter your username and then click on the Bluesky App Passwords link to create the password you’ll use to authenticate the connection with Nelio Content:

Dialog in Bluesky to create a new App password
Dialog in Bluesky to create a new App password.

Bluesky will ask you to name the App password. I personally recommend a name that helps you identify the app for which the password is being created, so let’s go with Nelio Content and then copy and paste the password into the login screen above:

Bluesky dialog showing an App password
Bluesky dialog showing the App password we’ve just created.

Then click Continue and the new profile is ready:

Bluesky connection dialog showing a successful result
If the username and password are correct, you’ll see the profile authentication has been validated and you’ll be able to continue.

How to Use

Once the profile is ready, you can select it in the social message editor:

Social message editor with an active Bluesky profile
Social message editor with an active Bluesky profile.

If you want Nelio Content to automatically publish content to this profile, go to Nelio Content’s Settings » Automations and follow the instructions described here.

Custom URL Parameters in Post Permalinks

As you may already know, Nelio Content messages may contain one or more placeholders which, when a post is shared, will be replaced by the appropriate value. One of such placeholders is the post’s {permalink}. For example, this post’s permalink is

Some of you have told us you’d like to be able to customize the permalink and add a few query args to improve your tracking and better analyze the performance of your campaigns. This was not possible (at least, not easily) in previous versions, but we’re here to fix it: Nelio Content 3.3 ships the post permalink customization.

Let’s say you want to add a few utm_ query arguments in the URL? How would you do it? Well, there are two options: you can either add them in the post itself or you can add them in each profile. Let’s take a closer look at each option.

Parameters per Post

While editing a post, if you go to the Nelio Content Social sidebar, you’ll see the following section:

Screenshot of Nelio Content Social settings showing the new Permalink Settings section
Nelio Content Social sidebar has now a new setting named Permalink Settings, where you can add as many parameters as you want.

where you can add as many query args as you need, such as utm_campaign, with or without a value. Then, when Nelio Content shares your post, this query arg will be automatically appended to the {permalink} you’re sharing, converting into

Parameters per Profile

What if you want to set different query args in each profile, you ask? Like, for example, what if you want to set utm_source to facebook on your Facebook profiles and bluesky on your Bluesky profiles? Well, don’t worry, because we also thought about this!

If you go to Nelio Content’s Settings » Profiles and hover on any profile, you’ll notice there’s a new action named Settings:

Nelio Content’s social profile list with the new "Settings" action highlighted
Social profiles have a new action called “Settings.”

Click on it and the following dialog will show up, where you can add as many query args per profile as you want:

Profile settings dialog to customize the fallback email and permalink parameters
Customize how this profile will share your permalinks on social media by adding as many URL parameters as you need.

As you can see in the screenshot above, query arguments of a profile have a Fallback toggle that can be checked or unchecked. Here’s how it works:

  • If the toggle is checked, the query arg is only added in the URL if it hasn’t been already set. For example, if you define the query arg utm_campaign=blog and the link you’re sharing is, then Nelio Content will add the query arg …/post/?utm_campaign=blog. However, if you also defined the same query arg in your post and set it to easter, the URL would instead be …/post/?utm_campaign=easter.
  • If the toggle is not checked, the query arg will always be added in the URL and, had it already been present, overwrite its value. So, continuing with the previous example, if both your post and your profile define the utm_campaign query arg, if the profile’s query arg is not set to Fallback, then the URL will be …/post/?utm_campaign=blog.

Bug Fixes and Other Minor Improvements

Finally, this release also addressed the following issues:

  • Add compatibility with WordPress 6.5.
  • Fix NaN issue when related post of a message or task can’t be found.
  • Fix issue with object keys and callables in key_by helper function.
  • Remove failed message when clearing timeline in edit post screen.
  • Enable Buffer connection on supported networks only.
  • Update styles of preview card for X.

Featured Image by Maddison McMurrin on Unsplash.

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