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After adding Mastodon Support on January 9th, this is the first big update of the year… and we’re extremely proud of it! Finally, one of the features you’ve requested the most is available in Nelio Content: custom placeholders. Moreover, we also added the possibility to import and export your social templates, we integrated some great plugins into the Editorial Calendar, and more. Check it all out!

Custom Placeholders

Nelio Content makes it easy to share your blog posts on social media. You can easily create social messages using the content from your posts: their titles, tags, categories, relevant sentences, etc. To do so, you simply need to use the appropriate placeholder (like {title} or {tags}) and our plugin will replace it with the corresponding value. However, the set of available placeholders you can use is limited to just a few… or so it used to.

Starting in version 2.5.0, you can now create your own placeholders and use them in all your social messages. There’s two types of custom placeholders:

  1. Custom Fields. You can add the value of any custom field custom-field-name into your social messages using the placeholder {field:custom-field-name}. When the message is published, the plugin will automatically pull the value of custom-field-name and replace the placeholder with it.
Social message editors with custom placeholders
Social message editors with custom placeholders.
  1. Fully Customized Placeholders. If you want to pull some data from a custom table or you need to dynamically generate the value for each post, you can also create fully customized placeholders. To do so, you simply need to name-your-placeholder, provide a function in PHP that generates its value, and use it as {custom:name-your-placeholder}.

To enable these custom placeholders you’ll have to hook into a couple of new hooks introduced in Nelio Content 2.5: nelio_content_supported_post_metas and nelio_content_custom_placeholders.

Import/Export Social Templates

If you’ve created several templates in one site and want to use them somewhere else, or if you simply want to backup them in a JSON file, you can now do so! Just go to Nelio Content » Settings, click on the Social Templates tab and Import/Export all the templates (or the specific templates you’re interested in).

Dialog to export templates
Dialog to export templates.

Plugin Integrations in the Editorial Calendar

Finally, we’ve also integrated a couple of plugins into the Editorial Calendar. On the one hand, if you’re using MailPoet, you’ll now see your newsletters right the calendar. On the other hand, if you’re a user of The Events Calendar, you can also see all your events in the calendar.

Do you have any other plugins you’d like us to integrate? Let us know and we’ll add it in our dev queue.

Additional Updates

These are all the additional updates included in version 2.5 and its minor revisions:

  • Add reshare settings in page list screen.
  • Add setting to check for scheduled WordPress posts not properly published with a “missed schedule” error and automatically publish them.
  • Show newsletters from MailPoet on the editorial calendar.
  • Show events from The Events Calendar on the editorial calendar.
  • Add filter nelio_content_internal_events to show additional events on the editorial calendar.
  • Double click a network to select all its profiles in the social message editor.
  • Fix bug when creating hashtags from tags.

Featured Image by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash.

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