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In Nelio we’ve launched a new section on our website, Nelio Academy, so you can learn new WordPress things with our online courses.

Content Creation With The Gutenberg Block Editor

As expected, the first course we’ve created for you is about Gutenberg: Content creation with the WordPress block editor, Gutenberg. In this first course you will learn how to use and master the new WordPress editor. This course is in Spanish, but we plan to create an English version too.

The new WordPress editor, Gutenberg, comes installed by default from WordPress 5.0 version. It is an editor that radically changes the making of posts and pages of a website, being much closer to other visual editors. Now, a post or page is made up of content blocks. You have blocks for paragraphs, for images, for headers, for appointments, and much more.

This course is not intended to be a Gutenberg user manual. Its aim is to teach how to create new posts and web pages in a practical and efficient way. And that’s why over 2 hours of videos, divided into 20 lessons, you’ll learn to master WordPress editor environment. But you’ll also learn many details of the process we follow in Nelio when we write a new post or create a new page.

You will see how, thanks to the possibilities offered by this editor, you can design a large number of elements or sections that you can find in our web pages or any other professional website. You no longer need to be a designer to layout your content with skill and style. You can do it yourself with the catalogue of content blocks that WordPress includes by default.

The course is divided into 3 parts:

  • Introduction
  • Writing posts
  • Designing pages


In the first part we will see the novelties that this editor brings us and the differences between the classic editor and the block editor. Get used to its new environment, its interface, and where to find the different toolbars, and learn the basic about the information and properties of the different blocks you can use.

Post Writing

Next we will see the process of writing a post, to which we will add the most common elements of blog posts: headings, images, paragraphs, lists, quotes, verses or videos. You’ll also learn tricks to master the editor and gain efficiency.

Also, as you know, before publishing any post you must make sure that you don’t forget the information needed to improve search engine rankings and its promotion on social networks. For that reason, we also explain how the new editor integrates with Yoast and Nelio plugins. And so you become familiar with the integration of any plugin with the editor too.

Pages Design

In page design lessons, you’ll learn the basic process to follow before you start creating any page of your website. And we’ll continue to see another new set of blocks that are particularly useful in page design: cover, media and text block, columns, design elements, image gallery, and widgets. For each of them, you will see practical and real examples that will serve as an idea on how to create new sections in your web pages. And you’ll even learn how to combine blocks in a way that nobody has ever explained before, opening a new range of design possibilities.

Website section
Section of web page created in the course with the blocks available in Gutenberg by default.

And of course, we will finish the design of the pages learning how to create and use reusable blocks, a feature that comes very handy to gain efficiency in the design of new pages.


Here is the list of lessons that make up the course:

Lessons of the course
Lessons of the content creation course with the WordPress editor.

All the lessons show practical and real examples for immediate application on your website.

If you speak Spanish and want to get started, signup for the course that you will surely like!

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