Nelio A/B Testing 4.0 in WordPress

Yesterday, we saw the release of the first release candidate for WordPress 4.0 and, unless something completely unexpected happens right now, WordPress 4.0 will be officially released next week.

At Nelio, we have been checking the compatibility of our WordPress Split Testing service since the first beta versions of WP 4.0 appeared so feel free to update to WP 4.0 as soon as it’s out, Nelio will be still there working to make sure you keep improving your conversion rates (well, we are humans after all so if you run into a compatibility problem let us know and we’ll fix it ASAP).

And, as you can see in the above image, among the many improvements that WP 4.0 ships with, now the plugin installer shows the plugin icon (for those that have one, otherwise it generates a default one) so you cannot get it wrong: install the one and only A/B testing native service for WordPress!

3 responses to “Nelio A/B testing is ready for WordPress 4.0 And you?”

  1. BJ Avatar

    Will it include widget split testing?

    1. David Aguilera Avatar

      Hi BJ! Unfortunately, Nelio A/B Testing does not include widget testing yet. Right now, we’re focusing our efforts on making the plugin more stable, as well as on integrating finer settings for our professional users (for instance, scheduling when an experiment starts or stopping experiments automatically).

      As a workaround, widget split testing can be achieved by creating a Theme experiment where the alternative tested theme is a child of the original. Once the child theme is properly configured (that is, you defined the Menu and the widgets), you can run the experiment. I understand this is not very user-friendly (that’s why we aim to implement widget split testing in the future), but it may be a solution for some in the meantime!

    2. Nelio Avatar

      Happy to say that now (version 3.3) it does!

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