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Nelio Session Recordings is our newest WordPress plugin and it’s the perfect companion for Nelio A/B Testing. Have you ever wondered how your visitors interact with your website? Wouldn’t it be great if you could stand next to them and see it? Wonder no more, as that’s precisely what session recordings is all about!

A/B Testing in a Nutshell

Our website exists for a reason: we want our visitors to take some action, be it purchasing a product, contacting you via a form, or subscribing to your mailing list, to name a few examples. The more visitors who take those actions, the better for your and/or your business.

Unfortunately, we (site owners) don’t know how to get more visitors to take those actions (or, to put it in A/B testing terms, “to convert”). If we knew, we’d already be doing it, wouldn’t we?

Sure, we may have a few ideas (or “hypothesis”, to use the proper jargon) on how to look more attractive to our audience and therefore get more conversions, but we won’t know for sure until we try them out and see the results. And that’s when A/B testing enters the scene to save the day.

In a nutshell, A/B Testing is a user experience (UX) research methodology aimed at improving the conversion rate of your website. All you gotta do is start with a hypothesis on what to change in your website to get more conversions, implement those changes, and see what’s best.

An A/B testing plugin like Nelio A/B Testing will assist you during the whole process. It’ll give you the appropriate tools to create one or more variants. It’ll take care of randomly splitting your visitors between your variants, so that some visitors see variant A, some visitors see variant B, etc. It’ll track your visitors’ actions to uncover which variant gets more conversion. It’ll perform an statistical analysis on the collected data and let you know which, if any, is the winning variant.

Nelio Session Recordings

As you can see, one of the most important aspects of A/B testing is the hypothesis formulation. That is, you have to think about what you can improve on your website and then implement it. But how do you do that? Where can you get ideas for effective split tests that really maximize the chances of improving your conversion rates?

Well, if you’re completely lost and need some help, you can look at our Test of the Month series. During the past few months, my partner Antonio has been running several tests on our websites, describing the hypothesis he made, how he implemented the test, and the results we got. It’s a good starting point to get some inspiration and envision your own tests.

But even better than looking at the tests others did and trying to replicate them on your site blindly is to look at your visitors and discovering where they get stuck. The more you understand your visitors, the easier it’ll be to identify areas of potential improvement. And that’s precisely what Nelio Session Recordings brings to the table.

Nelio Session Recordings is a new plugin we released just a few days ago. When enabled, it’ll record all the actions your visitors do on your website and will generate a session recording that you can then analyze and study.

Screenshot of Session Recordings
Nelio A/B Testing now has a new item in its menu to visualize all your session recordings.

Each session recording will give you useful (albeit completely anonymized) information about the visitor and their session:

  • When did the session occurred?
  • How long did it last?
  • Which pages were visited?
  • What were the landing and exiting pages?
  • What country was the visitor from?
  • Which OS and browser did they use?
  • Which elements were clicked?
  • Which forms were filled in?

The player let’s you follow the cursor of your visitor and see how they’re interacting with your site, just as if you were standing next to them IRL. This will give you extremely valuable information on the pain points your page design may have that you’re not aware of, and thus becomes great insights for upcoming split tests.

Screenshot of Nelio Session Recording’s player
Nelio Session Recording’s player lets you replay how a visitor interacted with your website. It also highlights the relevant events for you and skips inactive segments.

At the moment, the plugin also comes with some basic settings to customize which sessions should be discarded and which visitors should be sampled. But, as the tool evolves, we’ll probably be adding more:

Screenshot of Nelio Session Recording’s Settings
Screenshot of Nelio Session Recording’s Settings.

I don’t know if you noticed, but all the screenshots we just shared show Nelio Session Recordings as part of Nelio A/B Testing. That’s because this new plugin can be also acquired as an add-on for Nelio A/B Testing because, as we just described, it’s the perfect companion for it.

If you’d like to use Nelio Session Recordings as a standalone plugin, you can also do that. Just visit our pricing page and customize it to better suit your needs.

Additional Updates

  • Add support for WooCommerce’s HPOS
  • Add hook to prevent Perfmatters from delaying tracking script
  • Add new action nab_settings_screen_after
  • Add new action nab_site_updated
  • Add new filter nab_edd_order_value
  • Add new filter nab_show_session_recordings_page
  • Add new filter nab_tab_settings
  • Add new filter nab_wc_order_value
  • Add new setting to test existing menus against each other
  • Load experiments page after creating free site
  • Remove unused REST endpoint
  • Replace filter nab_track_order_total with nab_track_wc_order_total and nab_track_edd_order_total
  • Replace post title in test using hook arguments only to prevent menus from being incorrectly replaced
  • Use letters instead of numbers in all “Variant” labels
  • Fix click tracking to allow IDs and classes starting with number
  • Fix hook to backup control version of a menu test
  • Fix notice when sending email on auto-stop
  • Fix results retrieval to properly determine if a test should be auto-stopped

Featured Image by Anne Morris on Unsplash.

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