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Our latest release introduces new features and integrations, as well as several minor improvements that’ll make your life easier.

Restart Tests

As you may already know, tests in Nelio A/B Testing can be started, paused, resumed, and stopped. Up until now, once a test had been stopped, it was no longer possible to restart it. Instead, you had to duplicate the test and start it from scratch. Well, this changes in version 6.2.

Restart action in test list screen
Restart action in test list screen.

If you now stop a test accidentally and want to restart it, you can. Nelio A/B Testing 6.2 makes it possible to restart a test that has been recently stopped. As you can see in the previous screenshot, all you have to do is hover the test you’re interested in and click on the Restart action. It’s that simple.

GDPR Cookie Settings

Nelio A/B Testing has always been GDPR-compliant. If you had to comply with the GDPR, all you had to do was specify a cookie name and our plugin wouldn’t track any of your visitors’ actions until a cookie with that name existed. When a cookie granted you permission for tracking their events on your website, all you had to do was create such a cookie, refresh the page, and our plugin would kick in.

Unfortunately, some of you got in touch with us and let us know this wasn’t enough. Depending on the plugin you use to manage cookie consent, you needed to (a) look for a cookie whose name might not be an exact match or (b) look not only at the cookie’s name, but also its value, where the visitor’s consent settings has been encoded.

GDPR Cookie setting fields in Nelio A/B Testing
Fields in GDPR Cookie setting.

Well, we have some good news: it’s now possible to (a) fuzzy search cookies using the asterisk (*) to match any characters at any point and (b) look at their values if needed. For instance, if you want to find a cookie whose name starts with cookie_policy_, just type in cookie_policy_*. And, similarly, if you need to look for a specific string in its value, just type in *specific_string* in the corresponding field.

Testing Events from The Events Calendar and Elementor

Custom Post Type tests has always made it possible to test events from The Events Calendar. However, an issue had been recently reported where a user described that events created using Elementor couldn’t be tested because the editor wasn’t working as expected when trying to edit a variant.

After a few days of working and investigating what was amiss, we were able to reproduce the issue, identify the culprit, and tweak our code to fix it. So we’re now extremely proud to announce that events from The Events Calendar that had been created using Elementor can now be tested with Nelio A/B Testing.

Additional Improvements

  1. Add support for WordPress 6.4
  2. Add Pause actions in test list screen
  3. Increase max heatmap height from 30,000px to 100,000px
  4. Add Overview widget with quick access to last updated tests and news from our blog
  5. Add Roadmap section in plugin to let users know what we’re working on and vote what we should do next

Featured Image by jom jakkid en Unsplash.

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