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Nelio A/B Testing 6.0.4 introduces Scoped Goals, new notification emails, improved capability management, and more. Here’s all you need to know about our latest release!

Scoped Goals

We’re excited to present one of the most requested features: scoped goals. Scoped goals make it possible to track conversion events only on the pages you selected. Let’s take a closer look at what they are and how they work.

Let’s start by presenting a simple example. Let’s say you’re testing your pricing page and you’re interested in tracking clicks to a call-to-action button present in that page with class .nelio-cta.

Several Nelio A/B Testing users assumed that a conversion would only occur when the visitor click on the call-to-action button in the pricing page. Unfortunately, that’s not how our plugin used to work.

Prior versions of Nelio A/B Testing tracked conversion actions throughout your entire website. In other words, assuming the visitor has seen the tested page already, any page that contained the tracked element (i.e. an element with class .nelio-cta) could and would trigger a conversion when clicked. In our running example, this means that a conversion could indeed occur on the pricing page, but also on the home page, contact page, or any other page that has the targeted button.

How to Enable Scoped Goals

Go to Nelio A/B Testing » Settings and look for a setting named Goal Tracking:

Nelio A/B Testing’s Goal Tracking setting
Nelio A/B Testing’s Goal Tracking setting has three options: All Pages, Tested Pages, and Custom

The setting has three options:

  • All Pages. Nelio A/B Testing will track conversion actions on all pages. This is the default value and it makes the plugin behave as it used to.
  • Tested Pages. Nelio A/B Testing will track conversion actions on tested pages only.
  • Custom. When defining a test, you’ll be able to define the pages in which each conversion action might occur.

To enable Scoped Goals, you have to select either Tested Pages or Custom. If you select the latter, you’ll notice that (most of) your conversion actions in the test editor screen have now an extra setting:

New Tracking Scope field, a select component available in conversion actions
Conversion actions now have a new field named Tracking Scope to customize where the action can trigger a conversion

When using Custom Goal Tracking, you’ll be able to specify the tracking scope of each individual action you add to your tests. As depicted in the screenshot above, this conversion action can only be triggered:

  • All Pages – on any page from your website.
  • Tested Pages – on the page(s) where this test is running on.
  • Post IDs – on the pages whose IDs are the ones you specify in an additional field under the Tracking Scope setting.
  • URLs – on the given URLs.

Notification Emails

Nelio A/B Testing 6.0.1 introduced quota limits per site, offering our users the chance to limit how much quota each of the sites connected to their subscription can use. Today’s release adds a new notification email to let the administrators of those sites know when they are about to reach their quota limit, as well as when they’ve run out of quota completely.

As always, you can customize if and which emails should be sent by going to Nelio A/B Testing » Settings » Notifications.

Additional Updates

  1. Add proper capability checks in admin bar menu.
  2. Disable “Global Consistency” by default when creating a test using the admin bar.
  3. Fix default script exclusions in WPRocket to make it compatible with Nelio.
  4. Remove “nab*” classes from body when extracting CSS selector in click action.
  5. Use current CSS selector when first “Exploring” variant in conversion action.
  6. Add button on the account page to copy “Support Key”.
  7. Remove legacy code.

Featured Image by Ricardo Arce on Unsplash.

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