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This release includes two of the most acclaimed features of all time: quota limits per site and custom capabilities to access the different plugin features. Let’s take a closer look at them and see how they can improve your experience with Nelio.

Quota Limits per Site

Our Professional, Enterprise, and Agency subscribers can use their subscription in multiple sites at once. The available quota is shared across all the connected sites, and so it’s possible that one site gets a spike in visitors and consumes more quota than usual, reducing the available quota the other sites rely on.

Nelio A/B Testing 6.0.1 solves this issue by allowing our users to limit the quota each site is allowed to consume from their subscription. If you go to your Account screen and look at the Sites section, you’ll see your connected sites now have their Quota Usage on display:

Account screen with connected sites in Nelio A/B Testing
Your connected sites now show their quota usage.

As you can see in the image above, the quota usage of all sites is 0/∞. This means none of the currently-connected sites did use any quota (0) and they can use all the quota available in the subscription ().

Hover on any site and click on Limit Quota to set (or unset) a quota limit for that site in particular:

Dialog to (un)set a site’s quota limit
Dialog to (un)set a site’s quota limit.

Custom Capabilities

Prior versions of Nelio A/B Testing used WordPress’ default capabilities to decide who can do what with the plugin. Essentially, users with the editor role (those with the edit_others_posts capability) were allowed to manipulate tests and view their results, whereas administrators (those with the manage_options capability) were also allowed to manage the account page, purchase more quota, etc.

Nelio A/B Testing 6.0.1 introduces its own capabilities to manage user permissions. In particular:

  • Basic test management (creation, edition, and deletion)
    • edit_nab_experiments
    • delete_nab_experiments
  • Change testing status (start, stop, pause, and continue):
    • start_nab_experiments
    • stop_nab_experiments
    • pause_nab_experiments
    • resume_nab_experiments
  • View results:
    • read_nab_results
  • Modify plugin settings:
    • manage_nab_options
  • Manage your subscription:
    • manage_nab_account

By default, the proper permissions have been added to Administrator and Editor roles so that the plugin’s default behavior is equivalent to what it used to be. You may need to temporarily deactivate and reactivate the plugin to apply the new capabilities to the required roles.

If you’re interested in assigning some capabilities to other roles/users, please take a look at this entry on our knowledge base.

Additional Updates

  1. New Easy Digital Downloads conversion action.
  2. Change text domain in some strings.
  3. Keep element highlights in CSS selector after navigating to different pages.
  4. Fix segmentation check in public script.
  5. Add safe guard to make sure WC function exists.

Featured Image by Martin Olsen on Unsplash.

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