As you may already know, Nelio A/B Testing has outstanding capabilities for alternative content creation, especially because of its native integration with WordPress (it uses the built-in editors you’re already used to work with). However, effective split testing tools do not only depend on the creation of alternative content, but also on tracking your visitors properly—that’s why our plugin improves its tracking functionalities on each release. This week we launched Nelio A/B Testing 4.3 and its starring feature is ResponseTap support.

A Quick Overview to ResponseTap

ResponseTap is a Call-based Marketing Automation service provider. What they basically offer is a visitor-level call tracking service that helps you improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and the customer experience. The platform allows you to integrate call conversion data with your online metrics, so that you can get a better understanding of how the online journey is driving your customers to call and, ultimately, convert.

Visitor-level Call Tracking with ResponseTap
Visitor-level Call Tracking with ResponseTap. Figure by ResponseTap.

Some of our customers were interested in using ResponseTap along with Nelio A/B Testing. In particular, they were interested in defining a Phone Call as the conversion goal of their experiments. So we contacted ResponseTap’s support team and told them we wanted to integrate our service with theirs. Luckily, they were super friendly from the very first moment, and they helped us to implement the core functionality within Nelio A/B Testing.

Thanks to their help, you can now track offline calls within Nelio!

PhoneCall Conversion Action
ResponseTap Conversion Action in Nelio A/B Testing.

As you can see, the new conversion action looks like the other conversion actions offered by Nelio A/B Testing. Just click on the Phone icon and a new action will appear in your conversion goal!

ResponseTap Meets Nelio A/B Testing

If you want to use the Phone Call conversion action, you’ll have to enable it in Nelio A/B Testing and you’ll have to configure your ResponseTap account. You’ll find a step-by-step guide in our knowledge base.

How to Enable ResponseTap in Nelio A/B Testing

Just go to your WordPress Dashboard » Nelio A/B Testing » Settings and look for a new option named Call Tracking Service. Once you’re there, select ResponseTap and add your ResponseTap Customer ID.

How to Enable ResponseTap in Nelio A/B Testing
How to Enable ResponseTap in Nelio A/B Testing

You’ll find the ResponseTap Customer ID in the control panel of your ResponseTap’s account, under Manage » My Account.

ResponseTap's Account ID
This is the screen where you’ll find your ResponseTap’s Account ID

Configure ResponseTap

Assuming that your ResponseTap account has URL Callbacks enabled, here’s what you’ll have to do:

1. First of all, you’ll have to edit the details of the website in which you’re also using Nelio A/B Testing.

2. Go to the Cookie variables section and click on the + sign. This will open a form with two fields: Cookie name and Cookie description. Fill in the forms as depicted in the following image (that is, Cookie name: «nelioab_userid» and Cookie description: «Visitor ID by Nelio») and click on Save.

Editing Cookies in ResponseTap
Editing Cookies in ResponseTap

3. Then, you’ll have to edit the placeholders.

4. For each telephone number you’re interested in, click on Edit » URL callbacks – Post call.

5. In the Edit Features – URL callbacks – Post call – Test number screen, click on Add New URL and fill in the fields as depicted below:

  • URL name: Nelio A/B Testing
  • URL:
  • Parameters
    • Tag name: «nelio-user-id», Type: «Website cookie», Tag value: «Visitor ID by Nelio»
    • Tag name: «rt-account-id», Type: «Account variable», Tag value: «Account ID»
Adding a new Callback in ResponseTap
Adding a new Callback in ResponseTap

6. Finally, just move the callback you just created from Available URLs to Enabled URLs.

And you’re done!

What Else?

Even though this new version is mainly focused on ResponseTap support, we also included some minor improvements:

  • Alternative content loads faster. We’ve modified the order in which our tracking scripts are included in the website, so that they kick in sooner and alternative content is thus loaded faster.
  • Push content. We’ve integrated a new code for pushing interesting content and promotions to our customers.
  • Some issues in the Dashboard screens are fixed. We fixed some details in the My Account page.

I hope you guys like this new version! Go get it and let us know how it works for you 🙂

Featured image by ResponseTap.

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