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The development of Nelio A/B Testing continues and, with every new release, it includes more functionalities, adds stability improvements, and solves compatibility issues. This week, we’ve launched version 3.2… and it does not come alone, for we also prepared a new Enterprise Plan!

Updates in our Subscriptions Plans—the New Enterprise Plan and more

One of the goals we set in Nelio is to create the easiest A/B Testing solution for WordPress; i.e. a plugin anybody can use. And, in my opinion, we’re on the good track! Since we’re offering Nelio A/B Testing as a service, not a simple “standalone” plugin, we believe in offering different plans targeted at different audiences. Until now, we had a Basic Subscription Plan—ideal for Individuals and Personal Sites, Bloggers, and Small Stores—and a Professional Subscription Plan—which is designed for small- and medium-sized companies.

Today we’re announcing the new Enterprise Subscription Plan, a plan that any Large WordPress Businesses or Company focused on Optimization should integrate into their sites. With this plan, you’ll be able to:

  • manage up to 10 different sites,
  • schedule when an experiment starts,
  • specify that an experiment has to be automatically stopped after a certain condition is reached (don’t waste your monthly quota),
  • real-time results, so that you know what’s going on at any time,
  • e-mail notifications explaining what’s happening with your experiments,
  • and all the features included in the basic and professional subscription plans!

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Just take a look at our subscription plans page and see the details of each one!

But, wait! No news for Basic and Professional Plans?

Of course! We try it very hard to take care of everyone, that’s why:

  • Both Basic and Professional users will now see how their results are updated every 20 minutes! That’s almost “real-time”; no need to wait two hours each time!
  • Professional users can define set a quota limit, that is, the maximum amount of page views an experiment can use. From now on, when Nelio A/B Testing updates the results of an experiment, it’ll check the quota limit and it’ll stop the experiment automatically if the quota limit has been reached. Don’t waste any more quota!

Nelio A/B Testing version 3.2—Making Things Perfect

Nelio A/B Testing series 3.2.x arrives with a bunch of new features: advanced settings, improved user interface elements, several automations, and more! Shall we take a quick look at them?

Advanced Settings for Advanced Users

Nelio’s Settings page is now divided in two sections: Basic and Advanced. Basic Settings are available to all users, and they let you configure a few details of the plugin and the user interface. Advanced Settings, on the other hand, are only available to our Professional and Enterprise users. In the following screenshot you can see some of them.

Advanced Settings for Advanced Useres
If you’re a Professional or an Enterprise user, you can now tweak a lot of things in Nelio. Test your site without any limits!

In particular, I’d like to highlight a couple of features that you’ll love:

  • Quota Limit per Experiment. As we said before, you can now rely on our plugin to stop your experiments when they are about to start wasting your page views.
  • The number of Tested Users. You asked for it, you get it! Select the percentage of visitors that will participate in your running experiments; the others will simply see your regular site as always.

Beautiful User Interface

A/B Testing is a wonderful tool, but sometimes the amount of information it generates can be overwhelming. That’s why we put many efforts in making our plugin usable and beautifully designed. This new version comes with several improvements in the overall user experience:

  • Smart Dates. The list of experiments does no longer show the creation date for all experiments, but the most relevant datea at each stage. This way, for instance, you’ll see when an experiment ended when it’s finished, or the date in which it’ll be automatically started when it’s scheduled.
  • Relevant Finished Experiments. By default, the list of all experiments will no longer show all those finished experiments from the past! Now, you will be able to see only those experiments that are the most relevant to you: the experiments you’re creating, the experiments you scheduled, the experiments that are running, and the experiments that ended recently.
  • WordPress UI Elements. Don’t you hate it when plugins look… well, ugly? So we do! That’s why we take so seriously our plugin‘s design, and this version comes with completely new dialogues and popups. Just look at the screenshot and you’ll realize how our plugin beautifully integrates with your Dashboard!
  • Not so fast! You may want to save your changes… If you like to move back and forward when creating experiments, I’m sure that more than once or twice you forgot to save your changes and simply lost them. In order to avoid this, Nelio A/B Testing now integrates a simple mechanism that warns you of some unsaved changes if it detects you’re about to leave too fast.
Beautiful User Experience
We want to create the better user experience, and the first step towards it is a beautifully designed, perfectly integrated plugin.

Relax, We Take Care of Your Experiments

Finally, our Enterprise users can now ask the plugin to take care of experiments automatically. When creating a new A/B or Heatmap experiment, just define when the experiment has to be stopped, and our plugin will take care of the rest.

Stop Experiments Automatically
Are you an Enterprise user? Then define when an experiment has to be automatically stopped and “forget” about it. We’ll send you an e-mail once it’s finished so that you can apply the winner (if any).

And more!

As always, the plugin fixes several bugs and issues (that’s why it’s so important you’re always up-to-date). Just update the plugin and check all these features yourself!

Featured image by Mike Green.

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