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Nelio A/B Testing 3.3 is finally available for all our customers and it’s a major improvement in the 3.X series. This release comes with lots of new features and improvements that any WordPress user will love. However, I have to admit that, this time, we focused our attention on WordPress publishers and bloggers, who continuously deliver amazing content and want to offer their readers the most engaging experience possible.

Headline Testing

Delivering high quality content is the first step to improve your SEO and build a community of users. If you’re a publisher or a blogger, you know how difficult it is to engage your visitors, to convert them into your readers—you want to capture their attention, you want them to read your posts, you want to thrill them with what they read. The question is: how can you awake your visitors’ interest? Nelio A/B Testing will help you answer this question!

Headline Testing (which includes title, excerpt, and featured image testing) is the logic evolution of Title Experiments.

Headline Testing is the logic evolution of Title Experiments. It’s been a while since we first introduced Title Experiments. The idea behind testing different titles for a particular post is to determine which title is more appealing to your visitors; that is, when a visitor sees the title, will she click on it to further read the article? Heatmaps aside, Title Experiments are the second most-used experiment kind in Nelio A/B Testing, right before Page Experiments. That’s why we decided to improve them! From now on, you won’t be limited to only titles, but you’ll be able to test the Title, Excerpt, and Featured Image of all your posts. We believe these three elements are the key to succeed in getting interested readers out of your visitors.

Headline Testing
With Headline Testing, you’re now able to test alternative version of the title, featured image, and excerpt of your posts.

Widget Testing

One of the most amazing features in WordPress are Widgets. Widgets add content and features to your sidebars, such as categories, tag clouds, list of related and/or featured posts, search functions… And all these things can be easily added, removed, and rearranged using a lovely user interface. Wouldn’t it be great to A/B-test them too?

Nelio A/B Testing is the first tool that let you A/B test your widget sets in your WordPress. No other plugin in the market offers something like that.

Nelio A/B Testing 3.3 is the first tool for WordPress that will let you define alternative widget sets in your WordPress and test them. Modifying your widgets for creating alternatives is as easy as always; duplicate your current widget set and modify the widgets as you always do!

Widget Testing
Editing alternative widgets is extremely easy: you’ll be using the same user interface you already know!

Widget Testing will help you in many different ways. On the one hand, it’ll give you actual data to choose among different possible widgets (for instance, “should I use this widget for featured posts or the other one?”). On the other hand, if you’re using widgets to add affiliate links and advertisements in your site, Widget Testing will also give you useful insights and detailed information about the best widget arrangement to maximize your incomes. No other A/B Testing plugin in the market offers something like that.

Nelio A/B Testing

Native Tests for WordPress

Use your WordPress page editor to create variants and run powerful tests with just a few clicks. No coding skills required.

Performance Matters More Than Ever

In Nelio, we’re compromised with efficiency and performance. That’s why we try it so hard to reduce the impact of our plugin during the execution of your A/B tests (for instance, we included a Performance MU-Plugin in version 3.0 to speed up AJAX requests). Version 3.3 includes two new functionalities that are aimed to improve our plugin‘s response times:

  • Advanced Cache Support. Prior version of our plugin simply bypassed cache mechanisms during alternative loading. This way, we ensured your visitors would see the appropriate alternative (that is, not all of them would see the same cached version) but had an impact on your server performance, for all requests had to be processed by your installation. Technically, this was possible by loading alternative content using an AJAX POST request (by default, POST requests are usually not cached).Version 3.3 includes a new cache compatibility mode that loads alternatives using AJAX GET requests. This new approach should, in principle, take full advantage of your cache systems and lift server load. If you want to use it, simply go to our plugin‘s Settings page and enable it.
  • Site Consistency. We want to offer a unified, coherent experience to your visitors. Therefore, if you create alternative content for one of your pages or posts, the alternative content should be loaded in any page that includes it (not only the tested page). For instance, an alternative title and featured image for a post is not only visible in the post itself, but also in the Latest Posts page or in any widget that references that post. We believe site consistency is important for your visitors, but its usage adds a small overload in all the pages of your site. That’s why this functionality can be turned on and off, depending on your particular needs.

Additional Improvements

Apart from all the aforementioned new features, the new release of our plugin includes some additional improvements you may also want to check:

  • Create Experiments for Drafts. You can now create experiments for pages and posts that are not yet published. Start creating alternatives for them from the very beginning!
  • Clean and Deactivate. We’ve included a new option that let’s you clean all Nelio A/B Testing specific data from your WordPress before deactivating the plugin.
  • A/B Testing Shortcuts in the Admin Bar. Quickly access Nelio A/B Testing while browsing your site as an admin user (no need to access the Dashboard first).
  • More Settings. Tweak the location of Nelio A/B Testing‘s Menu in the Dashboard.
  • And, of course, tons of minor improvements and bug fixes.

I hope you all folks like this new version. Update right away and continue to improve your site! And, if you’re not yet subscribed, what are you waiting for?

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