A month ago, we announced and released a new version of our plugin. The starring functionality it featured was its new Greedy Algorithm, which takes the most out of the better alternative always. But that was just a tiny stop in our quest to create the best A/B testing service for WordPress. We’re currently working on version 3.0, and believe me when I tell you: it’ll be awesome! Stay tuned, because Nelio A/B Testing 3.0 will be a more mature, professional, and user-friendly product. How are we going to achieve this goal? Well, essentially, Nelio A/B Testing 3.0 will redefine three areas of our plugin:

  1. Dashboard. Our plugin will now include an overview of what’s going on with all your A/B experiments. It’ll only take a glimpse to know the improvements your A/B tests will bring to your site.
  2. Powerful User Interface. We’ve been around for quite a few time, now, and you folks came with some great ideas and suggestions. We always say we like to listen to our customers, and therefore we decided to completely redesign the user interface for creating experiments and creating it from scratch. It’ll be easier and more powerful!
  3. Efficiency Improvements. Another important aspect of our plugin is its efficiency. Nelio will come with a bunch of changes under the hood aimed to improve the overall experience you (and your visitors) get when using our plugin!

The Dashboard

Today, I’d like to focus a little bit on the Dashboard. In previous versions of our plugin, if you wanted to know how your experiments were performing, you had to go to the list of experiments and view the progress of those that were running individually. If we take into account that all users can have multiple running experiments at once, this does not seem very efficient for checking the setup!

Nelio A/B Testing - Dashboard
Screenshot of a running experiment in our dashboard

The Dashboard, on the other hand, offers in a single view the most relevant information of every single running experiment. There, you’ll be able to see which experiments are running, their type, the number of alternatives, the conversion rates, the winning conversion rate… everything at a glance! And, once we finally release our Dashboard, we’ll be extending it so that it includes what you need it to include.

Stay tuned, because the next big thing is about to happen.

Featured Image by Kenny Louie.

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