Hi folks! We’re very happy to announce a new version of our native A/B testing solution for WordPress. Earlier today we released the version 2.1.0 of Nelio A/B Testing, which is available for download in the official WordPress plugin repository. This new release polishes the code and includes some new cool features that we hope you’ll love:

  • Greedy Algorithm (also known as Multi-Armed Bandit). So far, when you created an A/B testing experiment with our plugin, all alternatives had the same probability of being shown to a user. From now on, you have the ability to either use this default algorithm for assigning alternatives to users, or you can use the new Greedy Algorithm! We’ll talk a little bit more about it in a future post (we promise), but what it basically offers is the chance to exploit (what it looks like to be) the winning option. That is, if there is an alternative that is performing better than the rest, why don’t you make sure that alternative is more likely to appear than the others? Now you can do it! Just go to the Settings page, select the algorithm you want to use, and the plugin will use that settings for all new and already-running experiments!. There are pros and cons when using this algorithm so soon we’ll be reviewing them with more detail to make sure you have all the information when deciding which testing mode to use
  • Fresher icon set. We also cherish the look and feel of our products, and that’s why we started with the redesign of a few components in our plugin. Just take a look, for example, at the new, simplified icon set for running-experiment status: just three bullets with bright colors, following WordPress 3.8+ style! And, in case you’re wondering, yes! we also offer a colorblind-friendly version of these icons (just go to the Settings page and enable them).


New Summary Icons
Screenshot of the new icon set used in the summary section of the progress of the experiment page.
  • Improved Settings page. The plugin is getting more and more functionalities, so we found it convenient to improve the management of its settings. From now on, your Account details and registered sites will be available under the “My Account” page, whereas any other plugin-related settings (such as, for example, which algorithm should be used for alternative assignation, which set of icons should be used, and so on) are available under the “Settings” page. A simple -yet important- step to improve clarity!


  • New Settings Page
    Screenshot of the new settings page. Right now, it only includes a few settings, but in the future it will be more powerful.
  • Several compatibility issues fixed and minor improvements. As always, each new iteration of our plugin fixes and improves several under-the-hood details. Thanks to your feedback, the plugin is evolving fast!
  • So, what are you waiting for? Go update your current installation, or if you’re not A/B testing your WordPress site yet, register now and benefit from our plugin!
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