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Nelio A/B Testing 6.1 is finally here and comes with an interesting feature that all our enterprise members will definitely enjoy: Domain Forwarding. Here’s all you need to know about our latest release.

Domain Forwarding

Recently, ad blockers have added our tracking domain to their list of URLs to block. We believe these blocks are unwarranted, as all the data we track is anonymous and we don’t sell nor monetize your visitor’s data. In fact, we’re only here to help you understand how your visitors interact with your website.

Unfortunately, this is a problem for split testing tools like ours: visitors who use an adblocker on their browser may be invisible to our plugin – they might be part of an A/B test, see variant content, and interact with your page… but none of the events they perform will be properly tracked and stored into our servers.

To overcome this issue, Nelio A/B Testing 6.0 introduced a new setting called Cloud Proxy. When enabled, it allowed you to add a custom endpoint in your WordPress’ REST API that would act as a proxy between your visitors’ browsers and our cloud. This way, all tracking events would first go to your WordPress server unrestricted, who’d then be responsible of forwarding them to our cloud.

Initial reports from those of you who use it were pretty positive and the solution worked as intended. However, it came at a price: your WordPress server was under a heavier load, as it was now responsible of “tracking” split test events.

Well, Nelio A/B Testing 6.1 addresses this issue and offers a new alternative to enterprise users: Domain Forwarding. Let’s say your WordPress site lives on example.com. With domain forwarding, you can set up a new domain (like testing.example.com) as an alias to Nelio’s default tracking domain (api.nelioabtesting.com). This way, all the events triggered by your visitors would be collected by your own domain and forwarded to our servers. And, more importantly, event tracking would remain independent from your WordPress site, solving the possible issue introduced in Nelio A/B Testing 6.0.

If you want to know more about how this works or how you can set it up, please take a look at this entry from our knowledge base.

Additional Updates

  1. Tweak LiteSpeed Cache integration to exclude CSS overlay from being optimized.
  2. Remove external dependencies on frontend scripts to prevent cache/optimizer issues.
  3. Show REST API’s error message in editor when something goes wrong (instead of generic message).
  4. Redesign “Add Test” section to organize tests in categories.
  5. Refactor account store to manage agency accounts more safely.
  6. Enable previews and heatmaps on drafted A variants.
  7. Auto-select “Heatmap” tab on heatmap viewer when changing active variant.
  8. Replace Elementor original content with alternative’s on posts_results and get_pages to fix style issues.

Featured Image by Jamie Templeton on Unsplash.

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