It’s been a while since we launched Nelio A/B Testing for WordPress. Our customer base is growing every day and that’s why we are very grateful to all of you, the people who use Nelio everyday to improve the conversion rate of their WordPress sites. Don’t give up!

To celebrate this, we want to share with you the following chart (data from early may 2014) showing which are the most loved experiments to our customers. Hope you like it!

Most Used A/B Testing Experiments at a Glance

Note that almost half of the experiments created by our customers deal with A/B testing of pages. There is no surprise here. Landing pages are one of the most important elements in your web. The better they perform, the more you earn. If you don’t know where to start, select those pages that attract more visitors to your site and create some A/B tests. Even a little improvement in the conversion rate can boost your site.

The second place in the podium is for heatmaps and clickmaps. That’s a kind of experiment that is different from all the others we provide. Heatmaps and clickmaps track your visitors’ mouse cursor so that you can view the hottest zones on your pages (that is, where they spend more time and which elements get more clicks). This information will help you when modifying your posts and pages and creating alternatives for further A/B testing experiments.

Finally, the experiment that closes the classification is the A/B experiment of CSS. It allows you to tweak the look and feel of your website. It is ideal for testing small changes on your site, such as font faces, coloring, text decorations, and so on. You can also preview the effect of those changes on any page before starting the CSS split test. We know that this experiment provides a great power to our customers, but we also know that to make use of it, you need to know how to deal with CSS, which is a skill that not everybody has.


The top experiments here are the A/B testing of pages and the heatmaps and clickmaps. And know what? You can combine them. Just create an A/B experiment of pages and make it run. Once you get the first results of the experiment, you can explore the heatmaps and the clickmaps of any of the original or alternative pages that belong to the experiment. Nice, huh? Don’t think twice, start optimizing today!

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