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Leads are everything when it comes to selling your products/services. Lead generation tactics are not always easy, especially since you need a constant flow for your funnel. As most of you know, the funnel is what helps you estimate conversions. If you have 1000 leads, you may only end up with 100 high quality, possible converts, and then maybe 10 customers.

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Getting the number of leads needed to continue maintaining and increasing revenue means trying different tactics. The following are some of the best ways you can start generating more leads today.

#1: Create an Email Newsletter

Internet users love newsletters delivered to their email inbox. Actually, 93% of users prefer brand interaction via email subscriptions. Since people are so busy, and they still hold emails as a priority, they are more likely to see them and interact with them. Interaction includes clicking on links to websites.

All you have to do is place an opt-in form on your website. The sidebar is best, but if you think your consumers would not mind, a popup with an invitation works as well.

The leads come from the email addresses that you receive for those that sign up. You can ask for other information such as a phone number if you feel that you need it. However, the chances of getting people to sign up are higher if you make the form simple. The less information they have to input, the more likely they will opt in.

#2: Create an Explainer Video

You have probably seen a few whiteboard videos around the Internet. The reason they have become more popular is that they have been shown to generate leads up to 33%. Internet users are visual learners, so the videos are perfect to gain their attention and get them to act.

The explainer video should have a clear, simple call to action at the end of it. Viewers will be ready to input information, so make it easy for them so you do not lose them. Usually, people place a phone number and/or website URL at the end of the video.

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#3: Use a Popup at Exit

Let’s face it: popups are annoying. Your consumers think they are too. However, studies show that popups before someone exits are not only less frustrating, but also quite effective. When people are about to leave, they usually feel the website has nothing else to offer them. The popup gives them something more to consider, which is quite inviting if visitors are already impressed with the site.

#4: Set Up Online Education

You may have the urge to ignore this suggestion, but there are not many businesses that could not use this lead generation tactic. Online education can help consumers use products, learn about services, and even give them information about new products and services. It is also a great way to capture leads for you. When you are providing something more to people that they are not paying for, they feel as though they owe you something, and this means giving you their information when signing up for the class.

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#5: Starting a Membership Program

Everyone is looking for a way to save a buck. Membership programs provide them a way to do that, so they are usually thrilled to join one. All you have to do is start a membership program that may be based on rewards or just provide members a discount.

#6: Repurpose Content

You probably have hundreds or maybe even thousands of blogs on your site. You can use those old blogs in a new way to generate leads. You can create eBooks, white papers, and more.

You can then have people enter their name and email address to receive a FREE copy of your eBook or white paper. Since most people love free things, they will be intrigued. This means more leads for you.


#7: AdWords

Do not forget your trusty AdWords. Start a campaign that has to do with one of the latest trends using the Google Trends tool. You could also center it around an event that is coming up having to do with your industry. The influx of searchers for those topics could lead to big lead generation numbers. Just keep an eye on trends, so you can change your campaign as needed to continue the leads rolling your way.

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#8: Start a Podcast

Podcasts are still popular. People listen to them while working out, driving, etc. The key is to make it something people will want to download. Research your audience to find out what they really want to know. What is one of their biggest problems? Solve it in a podcast and you will have a ton of leads.

#9: Use Email Signatures

This may seem like a simple strategy, but it is quite effective. Ask people to opt-in from your signature in emails. You can tell them to reply to your email with their information or have text hyperlinked to your site. Just remember to make it easy whatever you decide to do.

#10: Social Media Advertising

Facebook and Twitter are offering advertising now, so you might as well take advantage of them. The ads will help you bring people to landing pages to collect leads. This strategy is simple and effective, so set it up and let it bring you what you need.

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#11: Banner Ads

Yes, we know that banner ads have gotten a bad rap because people have become banner blind. However, it continues to useful, especially on mobile devices. Actually, click-through rates for mobile ads is 15 percent. It is not much, but it is enough to implement this tactic.

#12: Change Your Call-To-Action (CTA)

If you have a high bounce rate, you may need a better CTA. People are not clicking on it because it is either not visible enough or it does not provoke them. Sometimes, it is all about trial and error. Do A/B testing to find out which CTAs work best for your site.

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#13: Make Your Landing Page Simple

People do not want to read and they do not want to divulge too much information. The landing page text should be minimal but descriptive. It should tell readers what you are offering and evoke emotion for them to convert. The form should only include two or three fields to make the process of opting in simple.


3d Mad Scientist wants you to read his brilliant blog#14: Use Your Blog

Blogs should be informational and lead people to do something else on your site. Use your blogs to generate leads by linking to landing pages or having the person provide lead information at the end of the post. Feel free to use one of the other ideas here to get them to do that such as the free eBook or white paper.


#15: Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn has been named the best social network for lead generation by HubSpot. The rate of visit to lead conversion was 2.74% in their study, compared to .69% for Twitter and .77% for Facebook. To make this tactic work for you, be sure to write posts that interest your audience. Provide links that lead them to landing pages that will truly help them. If they find value, they will convert.

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#16: Use Google+ Communities

Google+ communities are great for lead generation. You can either start a new one, join one already started, or both. Be sure to engage with members and be an expert they can turn to for advice. People will follow you to your site from the valuable information you provide.

#17: Speak at Events

Find events in your area or travel for them to give a talk on a topic you know very well. You can usually learn about events by searching for them with your favorite search engine. At the end of your presentation, give your audience information about how they can find you online. This can be your website’s URL, but it can also be your social media username.

When you do give your presentation, give your audience information about how they can find you online at the end of it. This can be your website’s URL, but it can also be your social media username. If possible, pass out sheets with takeaways and your contact information.

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#18: Start a Survey

People love answering questions, especially when they feel they will benefit from them. Start a survey that make people enter in their name and email address. You can then follow up with them afterwards to address their answers.

#19: Advertise Offline

As effective as the online world is, the offline one continues to be a good source of leads. Advertise in your community to drive locals to your business, which could lead to more leads from referrals.

#20: Reach Out on Social Networks

With so many people online at any given time, it is easy to find people to reach out to on social networks. Follow people, send messages, like/favorite posts, share posts, and reply to them. Internet users love that, and that will lead to increased traffic numbers and high conversion rates.

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Test, Adjust, and Retest

Lead generation is work you will need to continue to do to maintain and grow your business. Success has a lot to do with tracking. Be sure to write down exactly what you do for lead generation, results, and then make changes that you believe will increase leads. Continue to track and adjust your strategies for as long as you want to generate leads.

If you need help with testing, then take a look at our Nelio A/B Testing Plugin for WordPre ss.

Split testing alternative content
Split testing alternative content

Now that you have all of these ways to generate leads, get started on some of them today. You may just find the ones that keep your funnel full for a long time.




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