Is it WordPress? What Theme? Which plugins?

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Have you seen a site you loved and wondered if the site was done in WordPress and, if so, which theme and plugins the site was using to get this look and feel you liked so much?

Well, there are a couple of tools I’d recommend to answer all your questions:

  • Is it a WordPress site?: Though there are wordpress-specific tools (like this one, that gives a yes/no answer) I’d recommend using W3Techs. This tool can identify most CMSs so even if the site is not a WordPress site, it will be able to tell you which kind of site is (Drupal, Joomla,…) plus giving you plenty of other useful information.
  • What theme and plugins is the site using? Once you’re sure the site is running on WordPress, you may want to know the theme the site is using and the plugins installed. Again for that there are a number of tools out there but after trying them (sometimes with ludicrous results), I’m sticking with “WhatWPThemeIsThat” that despite its name also lists the plugins of the site you are analyzing

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