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It’s August, the month in which everything stops. People go on vacation and you will too, leaving your web abandoned for a while. Does this mean that there will be no new content published during the whole month? Well, if you do nothing about it, it’s certainly going to happen.

But don’t worry because I’ll show you how to fix this problem. Of course, if you have ended up here waiting for the magic recipe so that your content is automatically written, I am sorry to disappoint you—even though artificial intelligence evolves with giant steps, we are still a bit far from inventing the automatic typewriter that writes your content automatically.

You have no choice but to write the content yourself. But this is the only thing you need to do—everything else can be done automatically so that your website is still alive while you are basking with a mojito by your side.

Scheduling Posts in Advance

In order for your website to continue publishing content while you are on vacation it is important that you plan in advance the posts that will be published during that period of time.

Having an editorial calendar is the best way to control the content that will be published on your website along with its date and status. So, at a glance you can see if you are doing well or have been delayed in your planning.

Nelio Content calendario drag-and-drop
Our editorial calendar allows you to reorganize your posts by moving them easily from one day to another. In addition, we can see in what state they are to know what we have left to do and what we have already finished.

We write the posts we publish in a month during the previous month, so we can have a margin of time and go ahead with the planning. If you do the same, everything will be OK when on vacation, since you probably have the posts ready for the time in which you will be out. You only need to write the posts for the following month once back in the office.

By default WordPress allows you to set a publication date for your blog post. You just have to go to the Publish section in the Document tab of the block editor (in the classic editor it’s quite similar). There you set the date on which you want your post to be published.

This is the user interface to schedule posts in WordPress. Select the date on the floating calendar and you're done.
This is the user interface to schedule posts in WordPress. Select the date on the floating calendar and you’re done.

If you do this, the Publish button will become a Schedule button. But everything else is the same. You just have to schedule your post and then WordPress will take care of publishing it on its date, without you having to do anything.

Again, the feature of scheduling posts comes with WordPress by default without having to install any plugin. But if you want to have the editorial calendar (which I highly recommend), then you will need this plugin.

Scheduling Social Messages

Now that you know how to have posts properly organized in an editorial calendar and how to schedule them to be published on a specific date, we must see how we can automate their promotion on social media without having to do anything on our vacation (nor ever again ?).

Sharing Scheduled Posts

If you have installed the Nelio Content plugin in WordPress you will see a Social Media section while editing a post, which allows you to create and schedule social messages that will automatically promote your content whenever you want.

In the Social Media box you can indicate whether the post you are editing is shared or not.
In the Social Media box you can create the social messages that will promote your content.

Keep in mind that you need to connect your social profiles with Nelio Content in advance. This is something quite simple. After that you can manually create each social message to promote your post or, even better, click on the big blue button and Nelio Content will automatically create a queue of promotional messages for you.

The algorithm within Nelio Content creates social messages taking into account the content of your posts. It shares relevant phrases and distributes the messages over time. Then, the promotion of your content covers the whole month following the date of publication of your post.

With just one click you will get a complete queue of messages that will promote your post on social media during your vacation. Why worry about social media on vacation when you can be on the beach while Nelio Content publishes the social messages for you?

Here you can see some of the messages created automatically by Nelio Content from the content of this post.
Here you can see some of the messages created automatically by Nelio Content from the content of a post.

And you don’t need to do this only on vacation. We always follow this approach for creating the whole queue of social messages for each post that we schedule. Thanks to it, we don’t need to do it at the time of publishing the post. We’ve saved a lot of time thanks to Nelio Content.

Sharing Old Posts

In addition to promoting the new posts on social media, it is always interesting to give a second life to old posts—they can still provide value to your audience!

Don’t even think about picking up your mobile phone during the holidays to share them on your social networks. Nelio Content can also do this for you without any problem. You just have to go to the plugin settings. In the list of social profiles that you have connected, activate for each of them the reshare of old content.

Activate the feature to reshare old content by clicking a button on your social profile.
Activate the feature to reshare old content by clicking a button on your social profile.

In the selected profiles, social messages will be scheduled and will share links to your previous posts. Of course, you can select the posts you don’t want to be published this way. You have the option to deactivate the promotion of each post in the Social Media box that I presented you before.

In this way you can get an editorial calendar of social messages as complete as the one you see below:

Editorial Calendar with Automatic Messages
Nelio Content with Social Automations will fill all your social profiles for you with older content if there’s nothing new to share. This way, you’ll maximize your chances of driving traffic to your website.

Note that you can even modify the number of messages that Nelio Content creates automatically. If the above seems too much to you, just set the amount of messages you want in Nelio Content’s settings.

Sharing Posts From Other Websites

In addition to posting messages on social media with links to your website, it is always nice to post links to other websites. That will help you expand your audience.

For this task Nelio Content includes a Feeds section in which you can add RSS feeds from other websites and be aware of what they are publishing. And best of all, under each item you have the possibility to schedule a social message to promote these contents.

Create social messages to automatically share content from other websites with Nelio Content.

It is usually interesting to schedule some of these messages to be published automatically during your vacation. This is something that only takes a few minutes and that can bring great value to your audience.

Schedule Your Content And Enjoy Your Vacation

If there is something that can annoy you during your vacation is to turn on the computer to complete pending tasks on your website. To avoid this (and the consequent anger of your family or friends) plan ahead what you are going to do with your website and schedule your content and its promotion on social networks before you go on holidays.

So now you know: relax, enjoy your free time, and make the most of your vacation while your website is still running. And when you come back, you can always save extra time using the automations that we have taught you here. Maybe you end up having enough time for a second vacation period ?

Featured image by Sean O. on Unsplash.

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