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According to information gathered in various statistical studies, in 2019, internet users spent 2 hours and 22 minutes a day on social networks. And in 2021, more than 3 billion people are expected to be on social media. I think that these couple of figures are more than enough to give us an idea of the importance of promoting our website on social networks. Having said that, writing quality posts and promoting them on social media takes resources and time. And that’s precisely why you should look for mechanisms to do it efficiently and check its effectiveness.

In this blog we have explained how to be more efficient in writing content: how to find ideas to write, simple formulas to write an attractive title, skills that will help you create quality content or how to write content without realizing it.

Today we are going to focus exclusively on the efficient promotion of those wonderful content that you have created. Let’s see what steps you should follow:

# 1 Select and Configure Your Social Media Profiles

Different social networks have different purposes: Pinterest and Instagram are designed to share highly visual content, LinkedIn to foster professional relationships, etc. Therefore, if your website is a craft one, it will make sense to promote the content on Pinterest or Instagram but not on LinkedIn.

The first thing we must do, depending on who our audience is, is decide on which social networks we want to be present. In each of them you must create a complete social network profile that:

  • includes the link to your website,
  • the cover and profile photos are appropriate for your brand or website,
  • in “About” or in your bio include a clear and concise description of yourself or your business, and
  • make sure you include contact information.
NelioSoft's profile on Twitter.
NelioSoft’s profile on Twitter.

Last but not least, make sure your WordPress website is properly configured so that social networks interpret the information that you pass on your posts. That is, you have the Open Graph meta-tags well configured.

# 2 Promote on Your Social Networks

If you have all the time in the world, you can entertain yourself by dedicating all hours of the day to publishing social messages about the contents of your website. But if your time is limited, you have tools that can help you to be much more efficient with the promotion of your web content on social networks.

To give you an idea of what I mean by being efficient, we calculated that we dedicated 25% of our content marketing time to the promotion, impact analysis and re-promotion of our website’s content. Well, with the use of a tool like Nelio Content, we reduce this 25% to the minimum (about 10 minutes per post). In other words, to write 2 posts a week, we saved 15 hours a month. If it weren’t because with the pandemic they don’t let us travel, it would give us an extra month of vacation a year ?.

How do we do it? By automating the promotion as much as possible. After connecting social profiles to Nelio Content, we can automate a large set of content promotion tasks as I describe below.

Create Custom Templates

If all the social messages you post on social networks follow exclusively the same pattern and consist of the post title and the link, it get’s very boring, doesn’t it?

To avoid giving this impression, we started by creating custom templates for the automatic generation of social messages.

Social templates Nelio Content settings.
Nelio Content social templates.

For example, as you can see in the image above, we have a template for David Aguilera’s content to be published on Antonio’s Twitter profile with the format: Interesting post by @davilera: {title} {permalink}.

Mark Phrases to Share

Si piensas en qué mensajes originales podrías crear para promocionar una entrada determinada, posiblemente no hace falta que te calientes demasiado la cabeza. Seguramente ya los tienes en el propio contenido de la entrada. Por eso, con Nelio Content puedes marcar todas las frases que te gustaría compartir automáticamente en tus redes sociales.

If you think about what original messages you could create to promote a certain post, you probably don’t need to make a big deal out of it. You probably already have them in the post itself. That’s why with Nelio Content you can mark all the phrases that you would like to share automatically on your social networks.

Share selection button.
After writing a post, we bookmark phrases to easily share them on social networks.

Look at the previous image, that when you mark a phrase, with the Share option you can also take advantage of it to create a fully customized social message.

Nelio Content has an algorithm that is capable of programming the set of messages that will be published automatically on the different social networks. These social messages will have been generated from the social templates that you have defined, the text phrases you have marked for sharing and other relevant phrases of your content.

Timeline of an post showing the scheduled automatic social messages.
Timeline of an post showing the scheduled automatic social messages.

Similarly, Nelio Content will automatically create a whole set of social messages, filling in gaps in your calendar, sharing old content. In this case, the algorithm also takes into account which contents are having the most success and will give them a new boost.

Calendar of Nelio Content including social messages that were automatically generated.
Calendar of Nelio Content including social messages that were automatically generated.

In this way, the time we’ve dedicated to the promotion is very little since practically the entire process has been carried out automatically.

# 3 Interact With Your Readers

Social media is not a bulletin board. Our promotional work does not end with the publication of social messages. The next step is to interact with your followers. In the same way that you answer promptly and with care all the questions, suggestions and comments of your posts, you also have fans on your social networks (in fact, if you don’t have any, you should start worrying a little).

Your followers ask questions, mention you… and here, my friend, interacting with them is a totally personalized job that you cannot automate. We have Antonio taking care of monitoring all our profiles and making sure that your questions or mentions are not left unatttended.

Screenshot of Tweetdeck with Nelio accounts
Screenshot of Tweetdeck with the different Nelio accounts. A tool like this can help you a lot to interact with your followers.

# 4 Evaluate The Impact

Finally you must face the acid test. Do you know if the time and resources dedicated to promoting your content is working and having an impact?

I have already mentioned that it was very important that you define each of the social profiles in a complete way. But, what should you do next with your social networks?

First, set goals for yourself, define a frame of reference that will indicate where you would like to be periodically. When we speak exclusively of social networks, we mean to defining the number of followers, reach and level of interaction they have. Thus, you can periodically analyze the number of followers you have, what your reach is on each platform and what level of interaction they have with each of your profiles.

Also, to improve your promotional campaigns, you should analyze when and how often it is better to post on social media. For this, I propose that you start by carrying out the analysis that I comment on in this article.

Finally, if our objective is to promote the contents of your website, you cannot forget to analyze the extent to which social networks are bringing traffic to the contents of your website. This data can be extracted from Google Analytics by analyzing the information it provides you on the acquisition of traffic.

Google Analytics acquisition
In the traffic acquisition section of Google Analytics you can see the sessions that originate from the different social platforms.

In Google Analytics you can also see for each of the platforms, which are the contents visited.

Alternatively, in the Nelio Content analytics, you can not only see the visits that each of your posts has, you also have information on how many visits you receive from each of the different social networks and how they have been re-shared.

Analytics by Nelio Content.
Analytics by Nelio Content.

As you can see, these analytics are very useful to better understand the impact of promoting your content on social networks. Plus, with a single click, you can re-create another new social message to give those posts that are having the most success another boost.


Hasta aquí te hemos explicado cómo realizamos la promoción de nuestros contenidos de forma eficiente. Como has visto, no todo el trabajo se puede automatizar y debes preocuparte en cuidar con mimo a todos tus fans. Aún así, hemos ahorrado un montón de tiempo en la promoción de contenidos, gracias a Nelio Content.

So far we have explained how we promote our content efficiently. As you have seen, not all work can be automated and you must worry about taking care of all your fans. Still, we have saved a lot of time promoting content, thanks to Nelio Content.

Featured image from dole777 on Unsplash.

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    really interesting!

  2. M. Scott Coffman Avatar
    M. Scott Coffman

    Didn’t know about the highlighting feature. I’m going to try that.

    1. David Aguilera Avatar

      Glad you learned something new! Let us know how it works 🙂

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