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Visits are everything on any blog or website. If they don’t exist, it means your blog doesn’t either. Visits result in comments on your website, new subscriptions to your mailing list, sales in your online store, and even more visits if your visitors share your content with their friends.

With this in mind, the most recurrent question we face is: how do I get more visitors to my blog?

Content is King, But Only if it is Quality Content

I bet you’ve heard the expression “content is king” a thousand times before. And that’s right, content is king but only if the content we create is of high quality for your visitors, providing value and being as rich and complete as possible. Otherwise, shitty content will only help you get shitty visits.

Jackson Pollock doing his thing.
Jackson Pollock doing his thing. Source: Giphy.

Whether or not a content is of quality is difficult to measure. It’s the same with art, where for some a Jackson Pollock painting is the summum of perfection but for others it’s just a bunch of paint stains on a canvas.

Fortunately, we can define some minimum standards that will make your content have the necessary quality for your audience to appreciate it. The first thing to do is to address the content to your audience. I’ve told you this before: it’s not the same thing to write content for teenagers who love Fortnite as it is for adult birdwatchers that love being in the middle of the countryside. That’s why knowing your audience is the first thing you should do so you don’t make a mistake when you want to send your message to them.

For example, this post you’re reading is aimed at people who are interested in having a blog or website, or already have one, and want to improve their web positioning. If it’s your case, we’re lucky because I’ve got my premises right. Now let’s hope what you’re reading has enough quality to make you stay (please don’t go away ?).

If Content is King, Promotion is Queen

Quality content is king, but there is no point in having quality content if you don’t end up promoting it properly. Sure, in a few months Google will probably position this content well, but in the meantime no one will know it exists. And you can’t wait that long to get the most out of your content.

Share your content on all social networks and other existing channels to reach your audience. You can have content that deserves a Nobel Prize in literature, but it won’t matter if no one knows about it.

The promotion of your content is essential to get more visits
The promotion of your content is essential to get more visits. Source: Giphy.

Tools like Nelio Content simplify the whole process of promoting content from your blog to social networks. I’m not going to lie to you, if it weren’t for this plugin that we’ve developed to cover this need that we have (and many more people too, even if they haven’t noticed it yet) we wouldn’t promote the content of our website at all.

Before Nelio Content we didn’t do it, basically because you need to spend a lot of time on this task. And anyone who says the opposite is lying. Promoting content requires time and effort. Unless you use a plugin like ours—just one click prepares the whole promotion and is responsible for publishing it without you having to do anything else ?

Your Brand is Your Life. Take Care of It or You’re Dead.

All of the above is of little use if, because of a heated discussion or whatever, you mess up the image you’re trying to convey about yourself or your company. The opinion your audience has about you is very important. Transmitting trust and confidence is something you will gradually achieve through your interactions with your target audience. Credibility is hard to achieve, but it has to be worked on a daily basis.

Do you trust me? If your audience's response is negative, you're doing it wrong.
Do you trust me? If your audience’s response is negative, you’re doing something wrong. Source: Giphy.

To get loyal readers, in addition to writing quality content and promoting it properly, you must actively participate in the channels where your audience is. Every time you receive a comment on networks or on your own website, reply to it. Interact with your fans every day.

This will also take time, but the return you will get really pays off. Spend some time every day commenting on other websites related to your market, giving “likes” to other people’s content on social networks, or even attending offline events. If you are involved with your audience and give them what you would also like to be given, you have a good chance of getting a reward. And that means more visits to your website.

Connect With the Best People Out There and You’ll Be The Best Too

In the end, much of the weight that Google gives to your content depends on others linking to it on their websites. If these websites are also very important, more relevance will be transferred to yours. It’s like a piping system where water flows into your website. The more water you get, the more energy you can produce.

To be the best, you just need to surround yourself with the best ones.
To be the best, you just need to surround yourself with the best ones. Source: Giphy.

Therefore, interacting with others within your own market (or in markets similar to yours) will always be positive. If you link other people’s content within your own content, it’s possible that these people will do the same when they learn about you. Your competition can also be your colleagues, who will end up helping you in any way they can.

Don’t be afraid of asking others to link you. There’s nothing to lose in it, and if they do, you can always reward them in the same way. If your visitors are happy with your content, it’s quite possible that they’re happy with the content from your competition. And viceversa. Sharing is a win-win situation. So don’t hesitate to create relationships with other blogs and websites within your niche. You won’t regret it.

Technical Matters Don’t Matter, Until You Neglect Them

If people want to spend time on your website, but doing so is a torture, they’ll leave as fast as they can. Make your visitors feel comfortable. I’m sure you’ve visited thousands of websites where slowness, annoyance (ads, aggressive popups and so on) or a bad design have broken your user experience. This obviously ends up affecting your brand image, so don’t forget about it.

From a technical point of view, having a decent blog today is extremely easy.
From a technical point of view, having a decent blog today is extremely easy. Image by maudit via Giphy.

Nowadays it’s very easy to have a good-performing website. Almost any web hosting provider will provide you with a decent home for your blog for very little money. Don’t try to cut costs here too much, though, as the very cheap can be very expensive in the end. The same goes for the design. You’ll find WordPress themes that will give you a quality user experience for a ridiculously low price. Choose your theme wisely and you won’t have any more problems.

Final Remarks

If you follow all these tips, the results will arrive. You will generate more visits than you have right now, but don’t forget that you will need to spend time and effort to achieve this. Remember, produce quality content, share it, take care of your personal brand, and connect with other experts in your area. And please don’t forget the technical part of your site. The combination of all these ingredients forms the perfect cocktail for success.

Getting more visits on your blog is up to you. You can do it! ?

Featured image by Sergei Akulich via Unsplash.

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