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In this blog, we have already seen some examples of companies and NGOs using popups to get website visitors to subscribe to a newsletter or make donations. We have also shown you how to create contact forms to capture leads. But popups are used for much more!

Sales promotion popups are those popups that contain incentives (free shipping, discount coupons, flash offers, or other sales or promotional messages) with the aim of increasing sales and conversions. In fact, in a recent Vericast study on what is important to consumers they mention that:

  • 63% of buyers want advertisers to make coupons and discounts easier to find,
  • 52% of consumers say a sale will drive them to purchase on impulse,
  • over 40% of consumers like ads that let them immediately jump to a deal or more information.

Based on this study, today we will see examples of popups you can create on your website so that your potential and existing customers go directly to buy your products and services.

Use a Plugin Like Nelio Popups

To create the popups that I discuss in in this post in your WordPress store, the easiest way is to use one of the existing plugins on the market. I’ll be using Nelio Popups, a plugin that is fully integrated into your WordPress so you can create and edit popups in the same way you create a page or post. You can install its free version directly from your WordPress dashboard or buy the offer you now have available from the premium version.

Once installed and activated, creating a new popup is very easy. Just hit the “Add new” popup button and in the WordPress editor you can add those blocks, in the same way you do to create any post or page, so you get a nice looking design.

Add a new popup with Nelio Popups
Add a new popup with Nelio Popups.

In addition, you also have a set of features and functionalities about its design, and you can indicate where, how, when and to whom you want the popup to be displayed or closed, etc.

Let’s see how we create popups to promote our sales with Nelio Popups.

First Purchase Discount

Considering that 63% of consumers look for discounts and coupons before making a purchase, there is no doubt that popups with discounts and coupons are one of the most powerful tools to get a sale. If a visitor enters your website for the first time, offering them a discount for the first purchase can be a good strategy to encourage them to take a closer look at your products and make a purchase. To do this you can design a variety of popups.

One of the simplest popups is to display in the popup window the coupon code that you want the customer to enter when making the first purchase. For example, you can design a popup similar to the following:

Example of a 10% discount popup for the first purchase
Example of a 10% discount popup for the first purchase.

With Nelio Popups, just add a media and text block, upload the image, write the text you want, and add a button that links to the store page you want the visitor to continue shopping.

Editing a popup with Nelo Popups
Editing a popup with Nelo Popups.

When adding the image, you can select the “Cover Image” style so that it occupies the entire height of the popup.

If you want an even more aggressive popup than the previous one, you can modify its size so that it occupies the entire width of the page. And, of course, change its design as you like.

Example of a popup that occupies almost the entire web window
Example of a popup that occupies almost the entire web window.

You can indicate if you want the popup to be displayed on any page or on certain pages only (such as, for example, your product catalog page or certain product pages).

The popup will show on any page
The popup will be displayed on any page.

In order not to annoy the visitor, it’s usually recommended that this pop-up window is shown only once:

Advanced features of Nelio Popups
Advanced features of Nelio Popups.

Discount for a Limited Period of Time

Creating a sense of urgency can encourage a hesitant shopper to take advantage of an exclusive offer. For this, displaying a popup that shows a countdown timer can be a good alternative.

Popup that includes a countdown
Popup that includes a countdown timer.

With Nelio Popups, being fully integrated with the WordPress block editor, as I said, you can easily add to the popup any type of block available in WordPress. In this case, you can download any countdown timer plugin and add a block to the popup. In this case, the plugin I used provides a shortcode, so let’s use it as follows:

Creating a popup that includes a countdown timer
Creating a popup that includes a countdown timer.

I recommend displaying this type of offers exclusively on certain product pages. To avoid disturbing the user, you can position the popup in one of the corners of the page and indicate that they are displayed with some animated effect to have more impact.

Add an animated effect to the appearance of the popup
Add an animated effect to the appearance of the popup.

Free Shipping Offer at Checkout

Some users, when they are making an online purchase, decide not to finalize it because of the shipping costs that are added at the end of it. When a user is about to leave the page or if it is their first purchase, you may want to offer free shipping to convince the user to buy.

Popup with free transport offer
Popup with free shipping offer.

With Nelio Popups, designing a popup like this is as easy as adding a media and text block, adding a title, a text and a button.

Editing the free transport popup
Editing the free shipping popup.

You can indicate that the popup is shown exclusively on checkout pages when it is a customer’s first visit. And that, for example, it is only shown when the customer is about to leave the page.

Configuration in Nelio Popups so that it only appears when leaving the site
Configuration in Nelio Popups so that it only appears when leaving the site.

Seasonal Sales

Summer sales, Christmas, Black Friday, Mother’s or Father’s Day or any other date that comes to mind are very useful to promote your products. Take advantage of these high traffic and busy shopping occasions to display eye-catching popups that encourage buying.

Popup showing Black Friday offer
Popup showing Black Friday sale.

As before, with a media and text block, it’s very easy to create this popup. In this case, the link for the purchase can be added to the image. Remember also that in any image type block you can choose to add gifs to give it an animated effect.

Cross-selling Offers

On some product pages or on the shopping cart page (or before confirming the purchase), you can create a popup recommending a product related product.

Popup promoting a related product
Popup promoting a related product.

In this example, the popup is made up of a cover image and the text and button have been included in a column to the right of the image.

Editing a related product promotion popup
Editing a related product promotion popup.

If a visitor to your website has already seen the details of one of the products you offer on your website, offering them a discount at that time can be decisive to encourage them to buy.


As you have seen, sale offers displayed in popups are a good tool to encourage the hesitant visitor to make a purchase. Designing them with a tool like Nelio Popups is very easy since you use the block editor you are already familiar with. In addition, not only the resulting style integrates with the one you have on your website, but the functionalities and conditions of when to show it, where, etc., give you the flexibility you need to create the popups that best fit your needs.

Featured image by Tamanna Rumee on Unsplash.

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