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Our mission is to help you to get a more effective website, so that you can engage more visitors, offer them a better experience, and, ultimately, increase your revenues. That’s why we created Nelio A/B Testing in late 2013.

This week Nelio turns two years old! It seems like yesterday when we were celebrating its first anniversary… And what happened during the past 12 months? Well, a lot of things, actually!

  • We’ve added support for new platforms, such as WooCommerce or ResponseTap.
  • We’ve started to create awesome videos to share split testing ideas with our customers and teach them how they can be implemented with our plugin.
  • We’ve redefined the Free Trial, so that any user can try out Nelio A/B Testing without requiring any payment details.
  • Thanks to your feedback and ideas, we’ve also improved our plugin and we’ve made it faster and more reliable.

This year we have a biggest goal: we want to make sure that you’ll split test your website during 2016. How? Well, just subscribe to one year of Nelio A/B Testing for $149 only and discover how easy it is to boost your WordPress site!

It's time to revamp your WordPress with Nelio A/B Testing. Split test anything in WordPress and improve your KPIs
It’s time to revamp your WordPress with Nelio A/B Testing. Split test anything in WordPress and improve your KPIs

Nelio Tests Go One Step Further

Nelio A/B Testing is the most advanced split testing tool for WordPress. Nelio goes far beyond simple HTML modifications and gives you full control over your tests. For example, if you’re a publisher and you’re focused on writing content, you’re clearly interested in your customers reading your posts, right? Nelio’s Headline Testing makes it super easy. You simply need to define alternative titles, featured images, and/or excerpts, and Nelio will take care of the rest!

Headline Testing
If you’re a publisher, you know how difficult it is to engage your readers. With Headline tests, you can try alternative titles, featured images, and excerpts, and determine which one gets more readers to the post itself to read it.

Alternative headlines will be visible all over your site. Each time a headline is seen, Nelio computes that view. And if a visitor clicks on the headline to further read the post, it tracks the conversion.

Content Edition is as Easy as You Expect

WordPress is one of the most powerful tools for editing and publishing web content. I’m sure you already know this; otherwise, you wouldn’t be using WordPress 😉 Nelio A/B Testing takes advantage of all this power instead of reinventing the wheel—whenever you’re about to create alternative versions of your pages, widgets, or menus, Nelio will use WordPress‘ built-in editor. No need to learn yet another tool! And if you use other editors within WordPress, they’ll also be available for you.

For instance, our theme uses Visual Composer for page building, and that’s the editor we use for composing alternative content:

Alternative Edition is extremely easy
With Nelio A/B Testing, editing alternatives is as easy as editing an original page. There’s no need to learn complicated tools or touch HTML code: use your regular editor!

Analytics that Matter

If you’ve ever used Google Analytics, you’ll probably know that the amount of information they offer is HUGE. In fact, a lot of people feel overwhelmed with it (sometimes, me included). In Nelio we decided to follow a simpler approach with our tool—Nelio A/B Testing does one thing, and does it well.

Nelio tracks how many visitors see each alternative in your experiments, as well as the conversions that occur. This way, you have quick access to the information that really matters:

New General Information Tab in Results Page (Nelio A/B Testing 4.2)
This screenshot shows the new results page, which is organized in three tabs. The General tab contains all the relevant information of your test, so that a quick glance can tell you everything you need.

But don’t get me wrong here. Nelio is powerful enough to track the relevant events generated by your visitors. Page views, form submissions, click actions, or purchasing WooCommerce products are examples of what you can track.

Beautiful Heatmaps

Split testing is not only about creating alternative content and discovering which one converts the best, it’s also about understanding your customers and business better. That’s why we included a pretty useful tool for understanding your customer’s behavior whilst they’re browsing your website—Heatmaps!

Screenshot of Heatmaps with Nelio A/B Testing
Heatmaps are one of the most powerful tools available to comprehend what users do in your website.

Heatmaps teach us a lot of things and help us detect what our customers do and don’t do in our website. By using them along with our Split Tests, we’ll be able to detect banner blindness, which photos capture more attention, or bad design choices (such as the fact that users try to click something that looks like a button but it is not a button).

What Are You Waiting For?

There’s plenty of things you can do with Nelio A/B Testing. And there’s probably a lot of things you want to improve in your website. Why don’t you start today and get ready for 2016?

Subscribe to one year of Nelio A/B Testing for $149 only and join the split testers league! (Just kidding, there’s no split testers league… yet 😉 But, seriously, subscribe!)

Featured image by David Sundah.

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