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More than once you’ve heard the phrase that creating a website in WordPress is very easy. Let’s not fool ourselves: creating a simple website is easy, but if you want some advanced stuff, it isn’t. If you also add plugins without knowing very well what you are doing, your website may be in a state in which you no longer know where you are.

Kanye west help by OceanX
We’ve come across websites with Visual Composer and Divi editors installed at the same time. (source: oceanx en Giphy).

Even hiring expert designers to create your website (by the way, it will surely be one of your best investments), the more knowledge you have of WordPress, the easier it will be for you to see all the possibilities you have, make your own changes, and make sure you really have the website you want. The more dynamic and updated your website is, the better it will be positioned in Google searches.

And if you do not have a great flexibility of time or your budget is limited, you are very lucky that you have many free resources to learn WordPress. You no longer have any excuse not to know about the subject.

Now; without further ado, here’s the list you’ve been waiting for:

WordPress Lessons in the Codex

The WordPress Codex is the online manual for WordPress and a living repository for WordPress information and documentation.  The WordPress Lessons area of the codex is a good starting point to understand WordPress and WordPress themes. Some of the articles are a little dated, but they remain relevant.

WordPress Lessons of the codex.
WordPress Lessons of the codex.

Free WordPress Courses at Udemy

When it comes to any type of online course, the first site that comes to mind is Udemy. And indeed, you’ll find good videos of free (and also not free) WordPress courses.

WordPress free courses at Udemy
Some of the WordPress free courses at Udemy.

Darrel Wilson is one of the most popular tutors who offers plenty of videos with which you can learn about WordPress.

YouTube Tutorials

On YouTube you’ll also find tutorials for learning WordPress.

Nelio A/B Testing

Native Tests for WordPress

Use your WordPress page editor to create variants and run powerful tests with just a few clicks. No coding skills required.

Tyler Moore

Tyler Moore, with more than 267K subscribers, offers a lot of courses and tutorials about WordPress for you to learn many tricks.

Tyler Moore YouTube channel
Tyler Moore YouTube channel.

Brad Schiff, LearnWebCode Author

Brad Schiff is a front-end developer, designer, and educator who has been building user interfaces for over a decade. He has great lessons, tips and examples about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and WordPress.

LearnWebCode Youtube channel.
LearnWebCode Youtube channel.

Kori Ashton

Every Wednesday, Kori Ashton releases a new WordPress tutorial. He covers topics including SEO tips, WordPress how-tos, and plugin roundups. 

Kori Ashton YouTube channel.
Kori Ashton YouTube channel.


WPTuts is part of the PsmegTV group who provide free, high quality training videos on a range of software topics. WPTuts focuses on teaching how to use WordPress, Visual Composer, Slider Revolution, Elementor, and more.

WPTuts WordPress tutorials.
WPTuts WordPress tutorials.

SiteGround Tutorials

SiteGround is a hosting company that offers a very comprehensive tutorial for you to learning how to create and manage your WordPress website.

SiteGround WordPress tutorial.
SiteGround WordPress tutorial.

WPBeginner’s Tutorials

WPBeginner offers a list of free resources with several types of content – written articles, videos, guides, and a useful glossary. If you are a beginner, this is a good starting point and the only requirement to access to all the information is to signup with your email address.

List of videos of wpbeginner.
List of videos of WPBeginner.

First Site Guide video tutorials

On First Site Guide video library you’ll find more than 40 short easy-to-follow video tutorials you need to set up and maintain a blog. Topics covered include WordPress, blogging basics, and niche blogging.

First Site Guide video list.
First Site Guide video list.

All WordPress Posts of Nelio’s Blog

Finally, if you want to become a WordPress expert, we continually publish posts on our blog where we explain WordPress news and tips to help you become a great expert.

Don't miss all posts on our Nelio's blog!
Don’t miss all posts on our Nelio’s blog!

And after you’ve created a great WordPress website, you won’t want to miss out on our free course on how to make your blog a success and make sure you stay up to date with all the WordPress news at ?.

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If you know any other great WordPress tutorials, please share it with us on the comments section below. Our readers will love it!

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