Today we share a case study of one of our clients, Editorial OnMedia, with Nelio Content. For this case, we have interviewed its current director, Álvaro García Bermejo.

About Editorial OnMedia

Thanks for the interview, Álvaro, it’s a pleasure to have you here! For those who don’t know Editorial OnMedia, could you introduce the company?

Editorial OnMedia is a purely online publishing house that was founded a little more than two years ago with the aim of offering trusted local news on the topics that are relevant to our users.

Social networks end up generating too much noise and consumers look for trusted sources where they can find the news they are interested in.

About us – EditorialOn

At the beginning we started with NoticiasDe and have been adding local sites until we have more than 50 sites and continue to grow. Our goal is to try to reach 100 sites by the end of this year 2023.

We differ from the competition, other news websites, in that we can go down to a hyperlocal news level, a niche that is very appreciated. In addition, we are part of the marketing agency Citiservi, a leading audience and local advertising company in Spain, allowing us to create very good synergies between their advertising services and the hyperlocal media network.

Citiservi Media
Citiservi Media.

Background and Challenge

What made you choose WordPress and what do you look for when choosing plugins that work with your WordPress site?

Since the beginning, the entire network of Editorial OnMedia sites have been created with WordPress. We only see advantages to a CMS so scalable, proven and with such a large number of plugins that you can get it to do anything you want.

Our criteria when choosing any type of plugin are (a) that it is verified by many users, (b) that it does not consume much memory or processing power and (c) that it does not conflict with other plugins.

How did you do things before turning to Nelio Content and what challenges led you to look for a new solution? Did you consider other solutions?

At Editorial OnMedia we know that posting on social media is an important way to attract visitors to their news websites. Initially we had a Community Manager who was in charge of sharing our content on social media. Since the news production can reach up to 200 news items per day and we have over 50 profiles in different social networks, sharing each news took a lot of time.

One of the news published by Editorial OnMedia on Twitter.

We needed a tool that could schedule posts promoting articles on social media automatically and so we looked for different alternatives.

We looked for different alternatives. We tested Blog2Social, but found it to be a heavy plugin and its configuration required more than 20 minutes for each site.

We needed a lighter and more agile tool to be able to implement a quick solution on all websites.


How long have you been using Nelio Content and how is it going so far?

As a founding partner of Crush.News, I had already been working with Nelio Content for 3 years. Satisfied with the tool, I recommended it on all Editorial OnMedia sites.

For this reason, I contacted you and we subscribed to the customized plan you provided us with for 100 websites.

We fully met our expectations. If using Nelio Content on a single medium is easy, implementing it on more than one site is just as easy or easier. Nelio Content, compared to our previous solution, is fast, lightweight, and efficient.

In addition, this plugin does not fail and so far has not conflicted with any other plugin.

news timeline
News timeline.


Did you find Nelio Content easy to use and what are your favorite features?

Editorial OnMedia is in full expansion of growth and with Nelio Content we have been able to bring past news back to life and to get visits to the medium that launched it. Nelio Content is very easy to use and helps us handle a brutal volume of work that would be almost impossible to do by hand

Our favorite features of Nelio Content are:

  • being able to edit the social post before launching it,
  • to be able to select the fragment of the news that will go in the header of the post, and above all
  • the calendar, a place where you can review at a glance the articles edited each day.
  • In addition, being able to move social posts from one day to the next by simply dragging them around is ideal“.
Screenshot of the Nelio Content calendar from Editorial OnMedia
Screenshot of the Nelio Content calendar from Editorial OnMedia.

In your opinion, how is Nelio Content helping you to achieve your business objectives?

Although it is early at the moment, we have noticed an increase in visits since the first day we implemented it”.

We have increased our interactions with Facebook and Twitter from the minute we plugged it in our media.

With Nelio Content has not only given our articles a life in social networks, but it has also enabled us to cover a complicated period such as the weekend thanks to automatic scheduling.

Screenshot of the Nelio Content calendar from Editorial OnMedia
Screenshot of the Nelio Content calendar from Editorial OnMedia.

We only miss that we would love to be able to post in public Facebook groups but we understand that due to the restrictions of that platform it is impossible.

Would you recommend Nelio Content?

I have no doubt that I would recommend Nelio Content. In fact, I was the driving force behind this change at Editorial OnMedia. The reasons? Productivity increase in your media, reach increase, and audience increase that result in visits.

For our part, thanks, Álvaro, for your time and your responses. We are glad that you and the entire Editorial OnMedia team are satisfied with the results that Nelio Content is providing you and we wish you good luck in all your future projects.

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