Dilbert working on his computer

Everybody is talking about A-B Tests these days and our lovely Dilbert couldn;t be an exception. Read this comic strip from March, 8th to see what Dilbert thinks about A/B testing!

Done? Well, then apart from a smile, the strip brings up an interesting question: are you open to listen to what your data says or are you using A/B testing only to “confirm” your own ideas? You see, A/B testing often ends up with surprising results: what you thought it would work, doesn’t, and what you were convinced was a horrible decision turns out to improve your conversion rates.

We could say that A/B testing makes you a more humble person, since it shows that you don’t know as much as you thought about what people want. Our advise: don’t use A/B testing to reinforce your own ideas. If you want somebody/something that tells you you’re right, you may want to look for a human being—A/B testing won’t lie! Be open minded and enjoy the benefits of using A-B Tests.

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