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We present a case study of a Nelio A/B Testing client of ours, Cyberimpact, a Canadian email marketing platform. For this case, we have interviewed Cloé Michalski, Marketing Director of Cyberimpact.

About Cyberimpact

Cyberimpact website
Cyberimpact website.

Thanks for the interview, Cloé. It is a pleasure to have you here! For those who don’t know Cyberimpact, could you please introduce the company?

It’s my pleasure! Cyberimpact was founded in 2006 with the aim of helping small and medium-sized business, as well as NPOs from any type of industry get more results from their email communication. Our fully bilingual (French and English) email marketing platform adheres to Canadian laws, including LCAP (Canadian Anti–Spam Laws) and Law 25 (Canadian Privacy Laws), to ensure compliance.

Our customers are very happy with Cyperimpact. In fact, they say they choose our product because it is easier to use than other marketing solutions on the market.

We are a team of 15 people and I am the Marketing Director. My role is to raise awareness of Cyberimpact, create marketing campaigns to generate quality leads and create value-added content for our customers and prospects.

Background and Challenge

What made you decide to go with WordPress and what do you look for when choosing plugins that will work with your WordPress site?

Cyberimpact have been using WordPress since the launch of our website in 2006. We chose WordPress because of its ease of use and all existing plugin possibilities.

When we select plugins, we aim to select ones with positive reviews, occasional updates, and that work well. I especially like plugins that help me optimize page loading, get recommendations for improving SEO, and, of course, those that allow us to run tests.

How did you do business before turning to Nelio A/B Testing and what challenges led you to look for a new solution? Did you evaluate other solutions?

At the beginning, Cyberimpact did not perform A/B testing. The main difficulty Cyberimpact had with conversion optimization was that it was impossible to measure the performance of the improvements made to the website pages. In addition, we didn’t know how to segment visitors.

The decision to choose Nelio A/B Testing was made prior to my appointment as Marketing Director and, unfortunately, I don’t know if other solutions were evaluated in the decision making process.


How long have you been using Nelio A/B Testing for? How’s it going so far?

Cyberimpact has been using Nelio A/B Testing since September 1, 2020. Although, as I previously said, it was not my selection, I continue to use it, as it meets our needs and is easy to apply.

The integration of Nelio A/B Testing with WordPress is quick and easy. Nelio A/B Testing is easy to use and track performance results. It saves me from having to login into anything other than WordPress to follow the results.

I am very happy with how Nelio A/B Testing is helping us in our day-to-day conversion optimization activities. I don’t need to code or need a developer to run my tests. And I really like the heatmap too.

One day, I asked our new employee developer to implement a test which involved considerable changes. He told me that it would only take a few hours to implement all the changes, so after one morning the test could be online. Otherwise, for major changes like a new page, the whole thing could be online in a single day. Since this is the first time we’ve used an AB testing plug-in it’s hard to say whether it’s cheaper, but the fact that a test can be live in less than a morning means we can be efficient and not waste time before testing.


Could you share an A/B test you have performed on your website?

Sure! Here are some images of one of the tests we implemented on our pricing page: variant A, variant B.

As you can see, in variant B, we basically add a call-to-action button and an image to make the page more attractive.

Now, let’s take a look at the results.

Cyberimpact A/B test: Results
Cyberimpact A/B test: Results,

As you can see from the results, these simple changes had a big impact on our website. The conversion rate increased from 4.55% to 7.39%. This is an improvement of more than 62%!

We also made some changes thinking they would have a big impact, but they didn’t. It’s fun to be able to measure our ideas and see what really works instead of guessing.

Wow, that’s quite impressive! In your opinion, how is Nelio A/B Testing helping to achieve your business goals?

The biggest problem Nelio A/B Testing helps us solve is to know the elements that really have an impact on the conversion rate. For example, we’ve learned that people like to see Google and Capterra ratings in the hero banner. 

Overall, all the changes we’ve made to the website home page have improved our conversion rate (account creation) from 1% to 2%

We’ll be doing further tests on other pages in the near future. All the improvements combined will enable us to find out what might influence visitors to create an account with Cyberimpact. 

Nelio A/B testing has impacted our success. We won new customers without spending too much time and effort.

Would you recommend Nelio A/B Testing?

Certainly, I would recommend Nelio A/B Testing for any company with limited resources. It’s easy to implement and affordable. You don’t need to code nor a developer to run your tests, and the results help you to know the elements that really have an impact on the conversion rate.

For our part, thank you, Cloé, for your time and responses to our interview. We are delighted with Cyberimpact’s loyalty to Nelio A/B Testing and the results they are getting are helping them to improve their conversion.

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