Picture of pricing plans

A key argument to convince people to subscribe to your software-as-a-service product is to reassure them they will be able to easily cancel their subscription at any time. What you may not know is how sensitive people is to this. Even a relatively small change in the wording of your message can have a dramatic effect.

We used Nelio A/B testing for WordPress to perform an A/B test on our plans page where the only change was the test before the packages descriptions and the conversion goal was multiple: any click on the subscriptions buttons at the end of the page counted as a conversion (we wanted to test the effect of the change on the number of conversions overall not regarding only one of the individual packages).

Cancellation Policy - A

Text in Version A

Cancellation Poilcy - B

Text in Version B

The Result

Split Testing Experiment Results

I guess the graphics are clear enough. The clearer your cancellation policy the better!

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