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SEO Errors You Should Avoid

Having great content is not enough. A bad SEO strategy will still lower the number of visits to your site. We’ve collected some of the most common SEO errors you should avoid when writing a new post on your blog.

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Content Marketing vs SEO

You can dedicate as much time as you want on your blog. But where should you focus on exactly? SEO? Content Marketing? How do you attract more traffic and rank better in search engines? In this post, we comment on the criteria that seem more sensible if you’re time and budget are limited.

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Finding Ideas For Writing

If you’re scared to stay a blank day and not know what to write on your blog, calm down, you’re not the only one. You simply need a strategy that guarantees you that it will not happen to you. In this entry we comment some tricks and tips for it.

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Lean Content Marketing: A More Affordable Strategy

The idea in a lean startup is to follow a strategy that maximizes the value that is offered to the client minimizing the used resources. That is, reduce risk at launch and test your value proposition as soon as possible. In this post we explain how to apply the “lean” methodology to your content marketing strategy.

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Strategies to Become a Productive Blogger

Starting a blog is a fantastic project that starts with a lot of enthusiasm, but the time is passing fast and there comes a time where maintaining a constant publishing routine can become tiring. It is important to have strategies to be productive that help you to be efficient in your publishing routine.

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Conversion Optimization Plan for Your Website

Optimizing your conversion ratio and user experience on your website is equal to or more important than increasing the total number of visits solely. This post proposes a plan to easily implement the best CRO for your website.

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7 Must-Know Terms of Content Marketing

Many times we talk to someone who is an “expert” on the subject and uses a vocabulary we don’t understand. Do you want a successful blog? Then you should learn the following content marketing concepts and get ready to apply them all!

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Find the Best Moment to Publish on Social Networks

Within your marketing strategy It’s important to analyze whether the moment of promotion of the posts on social networks is relevant or not. Does the moment in which we publish the tweets and messages on the different social networks have an impact in our potential clients? And if we find out that it does, can we improve our strategy?