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18 Tips For Working Better From Home

Is it your dream to work from home? Sometimes we think it’s better what we don’t have and idealize the idea that working from home is much better than commuting. And yes, it can be, but it can also be harder than it seemed at first. Make sure you prepare the environment well and organize smartly so that working from home is a success.

Susan Pearson

Meet the Business — Living Creatively with Fibro by Susan Pearson

Susan Pearson, after being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, a painful and disconcerting disease, decided that she would face it in the best possible way by creating the blog Living Creatively with Fibro in which she regularly publishes about her passions. She shares her experience with WordPress and Nelio Content.

Scott Frangos by Webdirexion

Meet the Business – Webdirexion by Scott Frangos

Scott Frangos, marketing specialist and founder of the digital agency Webdirexion, tells us about his experience with WordPress and our plugins. One of their challenges is the need to educate customers to understand new digital marketing strategies and tactics. Don’t miss it!

Dave Baker from Petful

Meet the Business – Petful by Dave Baker

Dave Baker is the founder and publisher of Petful.com (formerly Pets Adviser) in New York whose goal is to offer you all the tools you need to give your pet a happier life. Their biggest challenge is building and retaining a base of loyal readers who keep coming back for more.

Age Responsive Design

Age responsive designs aims to create user-centered websites by adapting the content and design of a website to the user’s age (and skills). Are these designs a reality in WordPress? Is it going to be a big trend in the next few years?