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Our Experience After Merging Our Websites

Making the decision to merge all our websites into one can be motivated by many reasons. While it can bring benefits in the long run, it is not an easy decision and involves certain risks. A year and a half ago we made this decision without being absolutely sure of what the results would be. And now we explain our experience to you.

Meet the Business – Detroit Sports Nation by Jeff Bilbrey

This month, we talk to Jeff Bilbrey, co-founder and editor-in-chief of Detroit Sport Nation, a sports news magazine of local Detroit teams. Don’t miss this interview if you want to know more about some of the difficulties and challenges that digital journals face.

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Legal Checkboxes — Torment Strikes Back

We software developers are great professionals but, as humans we are, there are some issues that drive us crazy. In this post we talk about one of them, related to the new European General Data Protection Rule (GDPR), and how to deal with it with humor.

Gisele Grenier - Art Place

Meet the Business – Art Place by Gisele Grenier

Gisele Grenier, artist and creative teacher, is the founder of Art Place. She tells us about her experience with WordPress and our plugins. She emphasizes about the importance of offering free trials and having good reviews before trying a new plugin. A great support service is also critical on the decision of buying a plugin.

2017 Year in Review

We’ve finished the year and now it’s time to analyze everything that has happened in Nelio Software during 2017. Interested in knowing all the details? Read the full article here.

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18 Tips For Working Better From Home

Is it your dream to work from home? Sometimes we think it’s better what we don’t have and idealize the idea that working from home is much better than commuting. And yes, it can be, but it can also be harder than it seemed at first. Make sure you prepare the environment well and organize smartly so that working from home is a success.