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Summary of WordCamp Madrid 2018

If you couldn’t make it to WordCamp Madrid 2018, don’t worry: we did go and tell you how we lived it. Don’t miss our impressions of one of the biggest WordPress events of the year!

Happy Holidays, by Nordwood Themes

What Does 2018 Have in Store?

2017 has been a great year, so all we’re asking is for 2018 to give us the chance to continue the path we’re on. In this post we share the three areas we’ll be focusing on to make sure that Nelio grows.

Picture of Hong Kong

Some Ideas for WordCamps After Going to Hong Kong

I recently had the opportunity to travel to Hong Kong, a very interesting and intense city. Seeing how in a context so different you feel part of it gives you ideas to keep in mind for any organization of a WordCamp. In this post we comment some of them.

Pablo López at WordCamp Madrid. Picture by Eric Zeidan

Pablo López – WProfessional of the Month

We reached the final stretch of the year with another great interview. This December we interview Pablo López, a web developer with many years of experience behind him and a great lover of the WordPress community. Find out what WordPress has to offer with Pablo’s comments.

Alice Orrù, by Matthieu Bousendorfer

Alice Orrù – WProfessional of the Month

Alice Orrù is an Italian girl who moved to Barcelona in search of new challenges… and it looks like she found them! She’s now working at WP Media as a WP Rocket customer agent. This is her story.

Photo of JuanKa Díaz, by Ramiro T. Argentona

JuanKa Díaz – WProfessional of the Month

After the summer break, interviews are back in our blog. This time, we’ll talk to someone with a refreshing view on WordPress. Not only does he work with WordPress, but he also works with Joomla! Meet JuanKa Díaz!

Featured Image by Andrew Yardley via Unsplash.

Our Thoughts on Official Support Channels in WordPress

You should take customer support very seriously if you want your business to succeed. As a member of the WordPress community, you should also take very seriously the support to other members of the community and help them if and whenever you can. Here’s how we can improve customer support in

Caspar Hübinger, by Florian Ziegler

Caspar Hübinger – WProfessional of the Month

Caspar Hübinger is a WordPress community lover. He’s organizer of the WCEU, German Locale Manager, plugin author, theme creator, and more! The common denominator in what he does is a general interest in humans and how they interact.