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Creating content is an “easy” thing, but knowing how to “sell it” in a way that is attractive and catches the reader’s attention is much more complicated. If you write content on a regular basis, I’m sure you’ll agree that getting more clicks and conversions is a complex task.

What really matters is getting our visitors to click where we want them to do so that they end up becoming customers, subscribers or influencers of our business. This is the only way to make our company viable and sustainable.

To make this happen you must be able to write sentences that naturally convince your audience to do what you want them to do.

What is a Call to Action?

A call to action is a phrase that tries to encourage someone to do something. An instruction designed to cause a reaction in a short period of time from your target audience.

Gif of a man saying what are you waiting for, do it
Who doesn’t remember this viral video of Shia LaBeouf? A truly call to action.

In the context of website copywriting, marketing specialists have been studying the personality of visitors from a psychological point of view for years to understand them better and to know which “orders” work best.

From a pragmatic point of view, A/B testing can help us to discover with real data from your visitors which sentences are better in order to get them to perform certain actions such as subscribing to a mailing list, visiting a page, or making a purchase.

How to Write a Call to Action?

To write a call to action the first thing you need is to be clear about what specific action you want your visitors to perform. What is the goal you want them to complete? What should your visitors do on your website?

Depending on where you are in the sales funnel of your website, your call to action will be different. If you are in an initial phase of the funnel, something like “Keep reading” can help you. On the other hand, in more advanced stages of the sales funnel it makes more sense something more aggressive like “Buy now”, “Subscribe” or even “Call Us”.

You will usually need three components to build a phrase that will serve as a call to action. These are the following:

  • Start with an imperative action verb, such as “call,” “read,” or “buy.”
  • Add a temporary complement that gives some urgency to the target audience. Examples of this are “now,” “today,” “for the next 30 minutes.”
  • Make it clear what you get if you complete the action: make a purchase, subscribe to your mailing list, get a free ebook. If your audience does not understand the benefit they will get, they will not take the action.

If you follow these three aspects when building your call to action, it will be easier for you to get your audience to complete it.

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Call-to-Action Examples That Work

Let’s see some call-to-action examples along with the phrases that are used to succeed with your audience and get more clicks and conversions.

Here you have a comprehensive list of phrases you can use in your calls to action when you’re looking for inspiration. Remember to adapt them to your specific needs before posting them on your website. Here is the list:

  1. Sign up now
  2. Pick up your prize
  3. Try it now
  4. Use your coupon
  5. Participate now
  6. Click now
  7. Request pricing
  8. Free trial for 30 days
  9. Take advantage of 15% in accessories
  10. Start demo
  11. Search for the answer
  12. Tell me your experience
  13. Try it with us
  14. Click here
  15. Let me in
  16. Get a 40% discount now
  17. Include me
  18. Share to spread
  19. Let me contact you
  20. Watch the video now
  21. Get in now
  22. Buy now
  23. Become a member
  24. Let us call you
  25. It’s demo time!
  26. Participate
  27. Visit us!
  28. I want to buy it
  29. Install now
  30. Open the music player
  31. Yes!
  32. Check out our platform
  33. Join now!
  34. I want to know your opinion
  35. Enjoy the offer
  36. Find out more
  37. Request it here
  38. Click on the link to read
  39. Tell me more!
  40. Yes, I do
  41. Add me
  42. Read more…
  43. I’m going there!
  44. Call me without obligation
  45. Download here
  46. Login now
  47. Find the perfect image
  48. Give me a quote
  49. I want to increase my sales
  50. More information
  51. Keep going
  52. Go to content
  53. Sign up here
  54. Find out how
  55. Meet our plans
  56. I want to know
  57. View pricing
  58. Join and enjoy
  59. Open
  60. Keep me posted of everything
  61. I want to try
  62. Start now
  63. I want to ask now
  64. Give it to me
  65. I accept the deal
  66. I want more!
  67. Give me more details
  68. Go to profile
  69. Book now
  70. Reserve your place
  71. Create your profile now
  72. Get this guide on e-mail
  73. Ok, I want it
  74. Visit our plans
  75. Connect with us
  76. I want to join the group
  77. I’m interested
  78. Tell me how much it costs
  79. Free now!
  80. Go ahead!
  81. Request a quote
  82. Download the book for free
  83. Take advantage of the offer before it ends
  84. I deserve it!
  85. Start the free trial
  86. Follow us
  87. Create your account
  88. Try a demo
  89. Know the price
  90. Explore our platform
  91. I’m interested
  92. Show me the complete list
  93. Continue shopping
  94. Experience the difference
  95. Book your ticket
  96. Find out more
  97. Request more information
  98. I want to sell more
  99. I’m ready!
  100. Send me more information to the mail

So that you stand out of the crowd, do not always use the same calls to action. Be original and change the message from time to time. And remember that the safest and most accurate way to test your call to actions is through A/B testing.

Featured image by Jakob Owens on Unsplash.

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