Boonstra Marketing

We present a case study of a Nelio A/B Testing client of ours, Boonstra Marketing, a Dutch marketing, data analysis, customer research, and web development agency. We have interviewed Pieter Boonstra, Owner at Boonstra Marketing.

About Boonstra Marketing

Boonstra Marketing website
Boonstra Marketing website.

Thanks for the interview, Pieter. It is a pleasure to have you here! For those who don’t know Boonstra Marketing, could you please introduce yourself and the company?

Sure, thanks Ruth for the invitation. I am Pieter and I am the owner of Boonstra Marketing, a conversion optimization agency in Groningen. Our team consists of a conversion designer, web developer, and two researchers. We improve webshops for various companies, with a yearly revenue ranging from €1.000.000 to over €30 million.

Boonstra Marketing team
Some of the members of the Boonstra Marketing team.

Our main focus is researching website visitors in order to improve landing pages and checkouts, which we then A/B test to make sure that our changes improve the clients sales.

Background and Challenge

What made your customers decide to go with WordPress and what do you look for when choosing plugins that will work with your WordPress site?

Customers who choose WordPress often do so because of its ease of use. They can make quick and easy adjustments without needing our assistance.

When we try out new plugins for customers, we always look at the speed and ease of use.

How did you do business before turning to Nelio A/B Testing and what challenges led you to look for a new solution? Did you evaluate other solutions?

Before we used Nelio A/B testing, we often used Google Optimize, Google’s A/B testing tool. This caused two problems:

  • It slowed down the website, as the website builder significantly slowed down the page we tested.
  • The conversion measurement was poor. We often missed 10% to 20% of sales.

For one client, almost 30% of the sales were not measured correctly. That is when we started searching for a new A/B testing tool.

When we searched for a new A/B testing tool, Sander, our front-end developer, played a key role in the search process because we wanted a tool that would not reduce the site speed.

For the A/B testing team, it was crucial that we could easily set up A/B tests. 

Additionally, it was important that we could measure sales and add to carts accurately.


How long have you been using Nelio A/B Testing for? How’s it going so far?

We have been using Nelio A/B Testing for almost 2 years and we are very enthusiastic. Since Nelio A/B Testing works with all WordPress builders that our customers use, A/B testing has become just as easy as creating an existing page. This means we no longer need to use an external builder, which keeps the website super fast.

We are very impressed with the goal tracking. Since Nelio A/B Testing is linked to WooCommerce, it accurately tracks transactions and additions to the shopping cart 100% of the time. This is truly remarkable.

Additionally, it is fantastic that Nelio A/B Testing also has an automatic heatmap function, which allows you to immediately see why the variant is working better or worse for each test. 


Could you share an A/B test you have performed on your website?

Here you have a few screenshots from tests we did.

First, this is an example of a homepage banner test were the B and C version had a negative impact (so we saved ourselves from making a mistake!).

Homepage banner test by Boonstra Marketing
Homepage banner test by Boonstra Marketing.

The second example is of a test on new content blocks we designed to increase the visits to the product page. Based on user research we changed the copy in the header and added information that users missed. The new content increased the CTR with 40%+.

Page A/B test by Boonstra Marketing
Page A/B test by Boonstra Marketing.

Finally, you have here a heatmap that helped us improve the header, so that the visual flow was more clear and there was a focus on the page. In fact, we are currently A/B testing a new header.

Heatmap of a test by Boonstra Marketing
Heatmap of a test by Boonstra Marketing .

Wow, that’s quite impressive! In your opinion, how is Nelio A/B Testing helping to achieve your business goals?

For several companies, we have been able to make a huge impact in just one year. By combining A/B tests made with Nelio, we doubled the revenue of webshops in just 12 months

Since we can work with the Gutenberg editor, instead of an external builder, we save a lot of time in creating and setting up A/B tests. Finally, we save a lot of development time because we no longer rely on inaccurate measurements, but can measure sales accurately 100% of the time.

Because we received additional information about the test through the heatmap function, we were able to easily apply this to future A/B tests.

Would you recommend Nelio A/B Testing?

I would recommend Nelio A/B testing to anyone with a WordPress site who wants to start A/B testing. It is definitely the best A/B testing plugin with the best price/quality for WordPress and WooCommerce.

Thank you, Pieter, for your time and responses to our interview. We are delighted with your loyalty to Nelio A/B Testing and the results you are getting are helping your customers to improve their conversion rates.

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