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Just like every year, November rolls in with a bunch of awesome deals and discounts, all thanks to Black Friday. It’s a unique opportunity to get all those seasonal purchases you’ve been postponing as well as some other whims at a very good price, or even advance your Christmas shopping to get considerable savings on gifts.

At Nelio, we are joining this crazy offer from Monday the 20th to Monday the 27th of November (both included). You will have our star plugins, Nelio A/B Testing, Nelio Content, Nelio Popups, and Nelio Forms with a substantial 30% discount.

Nelio A/B Testing More Efficient and Versatile

A/B testing is often considered a key component of any marketing strategy. In fact, you won’t really know if a change to your landing page or a particular new offer works with your audience until you’ve tested it in the real world.

Nelio A/B Testing is the only native conversion optimization service for WordPress that allows you to create A/B tests on anything – WooCommerce pages, posts, products and block offers, custom content types, headlines, widgets, themes, templates, menus, CSS and widgets, without the need to use external tools or programming skills. Plus, with heatmaps, scrollmaps, and confettis, you can also get a better understanding of how your visitors behave on your website.

One of the new features that we have incorporated this year to increase the versatility of Nelio A/B Testing has been the ability to create JavaScript A/B tests. These tests allow you to add small fragments of JavaScript code that load dynamically on your website (depending on the variant you’ve been assigned), thus offering a versatile and very powerful mechanism with which to change the appearance or behavior of the pages where they are included.

So, for example, if your website is built with a page builder (like Elementor) that doesn’t use standard WordPress elements, you can modify any part of the website (like a menu, a widget, or whatever you want) with a few lines of code.

This year we have also focused on improving efficiency: our plugin is now simpler and the loading of alternative content for each test is much faster. In page, post, or custom post type tests, you now have the option to select not to perform redirects when loading alternative content.

A/B test of only title and content
A/B testing of only title and content of a page.

And we have removed any type of redirection when loading alternatives in CSS and JavaScript tests.

But that’s not all, we’ve added new conversion actions and you can now define the scope where conversion actions are tracked. In addition, you can now restart a test that you had stopped.

Finally, so that you can keep up to date with all the new features we have already developed and are developing, we have integrated our Nelio A/B Testing development roadmap into the plugin itself.

Nelio A/B Testing Development Roadmap
Nelio A/B Testing development roadmap.

Take a look at Nelio A/B Testing’s roadmap to know what’ll come next, make your own suggestions on what you would like us to develop, or vote on those proposals that are under consideration.

Customized Automations with Nelio Content

Nelio Content is a native WordPress plugin that includes an editorial calendar and content assistant. It is designed to help you plan, createm and efficiently promote your blog content, allowing the automatic creation of posts on social networks.

You can easily share your content on X, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Instagram, Google My Business, Reddit, Pinterest… And earlier this year we added Mastodon. Also, this year, to show the analytics for your posts, we have integrated Nelio Content with Google Analytics 4 and removed backwards compatibility.

The editorial calendar is one of Nelio Content’s most powerful tools. It provides a unified view of all your content, including posts, social messages, and tasks. In addition, it allows you to easily create new content and re-plan social posts and messages by simply dragging and dropping items. As a new feature, we have integrated the A/B tests created with Nelio A/B Testing into the Nelio Content editorial calendar. This way you know all the tests that are running directly from the calendar.

But the most outstanding innovation this year with Nelio Content has been the complete redesign of Social Automations, adding much more flexibility to the whole process of automatic publication of messages on social media.

Viewing the templates created to share content automatically on the X social network.

Nelio Unlocker, Nelio Popups, Nelio Forms, and more

Additionally, as you can see in our plugin catalog, you have other plugins that integrate into websites of any size to facilitate your marketing activities and lead capture very easily: Nelio Popups for creating pop-up windows; Nelio Forms to create forms; Nelio Unlocker to convert your website to your favorite WordPress page builder, etc..

Nelio A/B Testing

Native Tests for WordPress

Use your WordPress page editor to create variants and run powerful tests with just a few clicks. No coding skills required.

Enjoy Black Friday Week with Nelio

We hope that both the new features that we bring to our products and the Black Friday offer are to your liking. We continue working hard to be able to offer our clients all the features they demand and thus maintain the quality that our WordPress plugins deserve.

Don’t miss Black Friday week at Nelio!

Featured Image by Tamanna Rumee on Unsplash.

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