Black Friday

November comes with lots of offers and discounts thanks to Black Friday. This is a unique opportunity to get all those seasonal purchases on your bucket list at a very good price, or even advance your Christmas purchases to get considerable savings on gifts.

This trend of applying discounts on the fourth Friday of November is what everybody is waiting. In Nelio, we join this madness of discounts from Monday 22 until Monday 29 of November. During that week you will find our star plugins,Nelio A/B Testing and Nelio Content, with a 30% discount.

Also, during the last few weeks we have been working hard to bring in new features. Let’s review what’s new!

Test your prices with Nelio A/B Testing

Nelio A/B Testing helps you define, manage and keep track of A/B tests combined with powerful and beautiful heatmaps. Nelio A/B Testing is also compatible with WooCommerce. In particular, you can try alternative product names, featured images, and descriptions. You can then use your orders as conversion actions (and thus track if a certain product has been purchased).

Nelio A/B Testing’s compatibility with WooCommerce helps store owners test their products from a content point of view. By testing new titles, images, and product descriptions, you may find a version that gets more sales. But a key point was missing in all this: price testing.

Creation of alternative versions of the same product, with the possibility of setting a different price.
Creation of alternative versions of the same product, with the possibility of setting a different price.

In the new version of Nelio A/B Testing you will be able to test the price of your WooCommerce products. You just have to create a new split test, select the product to test, and create as many variants as you wish. In each alternative version you can set a different price. Then, Nelio A/B Testing will divide your audience into as many groups as alternative versions you have created. Each visitor will see one of the versions of the product with the price of that version. And the important thing here is that that visitor will always see the same price while the A/B test is running.

The Nelio A/B Testing plugin itself is also responsible for counting the sales of each version of the product in order to understand what is happening in your store and which variation works better.

Evolution of the results of an A/B test of products, from the point of view of the generated revenue.
Evolution of the results of an A/B test of products, from the point of view of the generated revenue.

We have also modified the results page to reflect this new information regarding the revenue generated by each alternative version of each product you are testing. Therefore, now you not only have the number of sales (conversions), but you can also identify more complex and interesting information.

For example, it may be the case that you have a version of your product with a different price that is generating fewer conversions than the current one. This, until now, could be detected as a bad thing since we are always more interested in those versions of the product that generate more sales (more conversions). However, now you can also see if that version is generating more revenue (because you increased its price). If that were the case, you may be interested in selling less but at a higher price, as this ends up increasing your revenue:

Summary of the performance of each variation in the A / B test of products.
Summary of the performance of each variation in the A/B test of products.

Without any doubt, we believe that the possibility of testing different prices of WooCommerce products will be very useful for our customers. Being able to have a clear vision between conversions and revenue gives you much more potential to make better decisions and improve your WooCommerce store.

Include external events in your WordPress editorial calendar

Nelio Content is a native WordPress plugin that includes an editorial calendar and a content assistant. It has been designed with the aim of helping you efficiently plan, create, and promote the content of your blog, allowing the automatic creation of posts on social networks.

Nelio Content goes one step further and automatically generates several social messages to share and promote your content. What’s more, it is able to extract the most relevant sentences from your posts and create a social marketing strategy that attracts a greater number of visitors. In other words, it’s the perfect tool for sharing your content on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Instagram, Google My Business, and Reddit.

The editorial calendar is one of the most powerful tools of Nelio Content. It offers a unified view of all your content, including posts, social messages, and tasks. In addition, it allows you to easily create new content and reschedule posts and social messages by simply dragging and dropping items.

The most important novelty that we bring to Nelio Content is the possibility of loading external events in the calendar. Now you can have your favorite events, birthdays, relevant dates, national holidays, etc., within your WordPress content calendar.

The Nelio Content editorial calendar can now display external events.
Nelio Content’s editorial calendar can now show external events (like Black Friday, for example).

To do this, you just have to add the URL of your external calendar in iCal (.ics) format through the Nelio Content settings. You can incorporate your calendars from Google Calendar or from any other platform that exports calendars in this standard format via a URL. You will no longer forget to publish special content on a relevant date!

Enjoy the Black Friday week with Nelio

We hope that you like both the new features that we presented and the Black Friday deals. We keep working hard to offer our clients all the functionalities they request. Our main goal is to develop the finest WordPress plugins.

Don’t miss the Black Friday week at Nelio!

Featured image by Tamanna Rumee on Unsplash.

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