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What Is Content Hacking? Your Best Option To Compete With The Big Ones

If you want to achieve a good SEO and compete with large companies that have way more resources, your best option is to adopt a content hacking strategy. Applying it means using creativity, analytical thinking, and social metrics to market your products and gain massive visibility in a short period of time. We’ll explain it to you in more detail.

Gennaro Cuofano

Meet the WordPress Business – WordLift by Gennaro Cuofano

Gennaro Cuofano is a business development specialist at WordLift in Rome. WordLift is a WordPress plugin to build a smarter web, made of metadata, structured data, open linked data, and knowledge graphs. In fact, WordLift uses AI to automate on-page SEO. Don’t miss this interview if you want to improve the SEO of your website!

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Are You Using «Editorial Calendar»? What Are You Waiting for to Switch to Nelio Content?

Having an editorial calendar is essential to manage your blog publications in an orderly manner. Editorial Calendar is a free WordPress plugin that includes a calendar built into your WordPress dashboard. But if you switch to Nelio Content you will discover a whole set of features that will help you to be much more efficient in the whole editorial process of your blog.

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Our Experience After Merging Our Websites

Making the decision to merge all our websites into one can be motivated by many reasons. While it can bring benefits in the long run, it is not an easy decision and involves certain risks. A year and a half ago we made this decision without being absolutely sure of what the results would be. And now we explain our experience to you.

Jeannie Ruesch

Meet the Business – Jeannie Ruesch

This month a great writer, Jeannie Ruesch, joined us in our interview section. She’s a marketing professional of twenty years, with proven success in helping companies build their brands and customer communities, and she’s also the author of a bestselling historical romantic suspense series. Don’t miss her vision about WordPress!

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7+ Useful Plugins to Manage Your WordPress Media Library

Having trouble finding an image in the WordPress media library? Would you like to have your own image classification in the library? We have selected some plugins that will help you manage your images in WordPress. Make sure you already have the ones you need.