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Managing Widgets in WordPress

On your WordPress website you need to master how widgets work: what they are, what they are for, how they are installed, modified, and deleted. This way you can customize your website to make it look great, including all the details you wanted without having to touch a single line of code.

Managing Menus In WordPress

The navigation menus on a website are essential to ensure that all your visitors access the main pages of your website. Creating, modifying, and deleting them is very easy. Here is an easy and complete guide to help you get through this process.

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Understanding WordPress Content Types

Creating a new website in WordPress is not complicated, but if you want to know a little better how to manage your installation, here we explain the types of content you should be familiar with.

Tips For Choosing The Domain Name For Your Website

When you create a new website from scratch, one of the first decisions you have to make is the choice of the domain name of that website. It’s not a banal decision and it can give you a lot of headaches if you don’t have some basic principles in mind before making the decision.

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How Influencer Marketing Works

When you value someone, you are much more attentive to what they say, you trust their judgment, and their recommendations or advice are much more valuable than any other advertisement. Taking advantage of these opinion leaders in your marketing campaigns can be much more efficient than any other advertising campaign.

The 15 Best Websites To Find Amazing Free Images To Use On Your Blog

In Google images you will surely find all the images you want, but when you are looking for high resolution, quality and creative photos, we recommend that you search directly in professional photographers’ websites. They know how to focus on details that make their photos unique. In this post we have selected 15 websites where you will find spectacular photos. All of them are free and licensed for commercial use.

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The Fastest Way To Promote Your Website on Social Networks

You’ve already written that unique post that’s going to be a hit with your fans. Its content is almost unbeatable and now all you need to do is promote it on social networks so that it reaches your audience. Do you want to know how to do it in a super efficient way? In this post, we tell you how we do it.

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Stop Worrying About SEO And Focus on Your Reader

We should focus more on our readers and less on SEO. If you’re looking for loyal readers who appreciate your content, offer them what they’re looking for: authentic content that helps them, adds value, or simply makes the evening more enjoyable. In this post we’ll tell you why your blog will be more successful if you focus on your readers.

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5 Reasons To Start A Blog Today

You’ve been thinking for some time now that maybe you should start a blog, but other priorities always come first, right? We also have this problem, but we write two new posts on our blog every week nonetheless. Want to know why? Read this post!