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Conversion Optimization Plan for Your Website

Optimizing your conversion ratio and user experience on your website is equal to or more important than increasing the total number of visits solely. This post proposes a plan to easily implement the best CRO for your website.

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SaaS Billing Solutions

If you have or plan to have a Software as a Service (SaaS) business model you should have a platform for billing and manage all recurring payments. In this post we analyze some of the characteristics that you should take into account before choosing the one that is right for you and some interesting solutions you can find in the market.

WordCamp Barcelona 2016 Organizers

WordCamp Barcelona 2016—Participation and Impressions

This year we wanted to participate and enjoy the WordCamp Barcelona 2016 that was held at CosmoCaixa, from 2 to 4 December. In this post, we share our collaboration as part of the organization, as well as our experience as speakers and assistants.

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7 Must-Know Terms of Content Marketing

Many times we talk to someone who is an “expert” on the subject and uses a vocabulary we don’t understand. Do you want a successful blog? Then you should learn the following content marketing concepts and get ready to apply them all!

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Find the Best Moment to Publish on Social Networks

Within your marketing strategy It’s important to analyze whether the moment of promotion of the posts on social networks is relevant or not. Does the moment in which we publish the tweets and messages on the different social networks have an impact in our potential clients? And if we find out that it does, can we improve our strategy?

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8 Contact Form Plugins for WordPress

Every website needs to interact with its visitors and for this there are many WordPress plugins that let you create great contact forms. Here, we review the basic features of the most popular ones.

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WordPress Use by Best Companies Inc. 5000 (2016)

Every year, Inc. 5000 ranks the fastest-growing companies in the U.S for the last three years, the Inc.5000 list.
In this post, we share our selections of WordPress websites included among the top 100 on the list Inc.5000 2016 and show the WordPress theme used in them.