Nelio A/B Testing 2.1.0 features a new Greedy Algorithm and more!

Quick announcement of version 2.1.0 of Nelio A/B Testing, our native split testing and heatmaps solution for WordPress. This new version includes some beautiful updates, but the most amazing one is a new Greedy Algorithm for alternative assignation! Get the most out of every winning alternative from the very beginning!

Fragment of a Heatmap

What Heatmaps Teach Us

We launched Heatmaps on February 2014 and three months later it’s the second most-loved experiment! A must-have feature we also integrated into A/B tests of pages and posts (so that you can see the heatmap of each testing alternative), because we believe Heatmaps are a perfect companion to A/B Testing. Heatmaps offer valuable information about what […]


How to Use an Image URL to set the Featured Image

WordPress has a powerful media library that simplifies the management of all the images you uploaded to your server. Whenever you set up a featured image for a post, this image has to be in the media library. But, what if you want to use an image that is not (and will not be) there? You can’t! Well, not until now… Take a look at our new plugin!

wordpress plugins

Advanced Plugin Management Leads to Better Page Loading Time

One of the major WordPress’ strengths becomes, in the long run, one of its major weaknesses: its plugins! There are tons of plugins available in the WordPress official plugin directory… and we love them! However, it is obvious that installing a plugin has an impact on the page loading time of your site. In fact, the more plugins we use, the slower the page is. In this post, I introduce this problem and present you a plugin that will help you overcome it.

Our New Plugin–Nelio Related Posts

We are glad to present Nelio Related Posts, our new, free plugin for WordPress. This plugin is different from other related post plugins because of two reasons. On the one hand, given a certain post, users can define the search query string that will be used for determining the list of related posts. On the other hand, the search is performed using the Swiftype’s technology (provided that the Swiftype Search plugin is installed).

WP Super Cache Plugin

A/B testing with WP Super Cache

You want everything for your site: maximum speed with WP Super Cache and optimal conversion rate. WP Super Cache is a “very fast caching engine for WordPress that produces static html files” and this is something that most A/B testing and conversion optimization tools don’t like at all. In fact, cache mechanisms are a real […]

Headline Testing

Split Testing for Titles of WordPress Post and Pages

A few months ago we launched the first version of our A/B Testing service for WordPress. During this time, the product has introduced many new features, including theme testing, definition of multiple goals, or definition of indirect conversion pages, among others. The title of a page or post is very important—the more appealing it is, […]

Set multiple goals for your A/B – Split Testing experiments

In many occasions you may want to set more than a goal for your A/B testing experiment. A typical example would be a split testing experiment for your landing page where an alternative landing page should be considered better than the other/s if it helps you sell more products overall not just a specific one. […]

First screenshots of the Nelio A/B WordPress Testing plugin

For those among you that can’t wait, let us show you some screenshots of the plugin side of our A/B WordPress testing service: List of Nelio A/B Testing experiments: Adding a new experiment: Editing the variants you want a test (one or more, we do support multivariate testing!). Note that this is the same WP […]