5 Reasons to Use Nelio A/B Testing in WordPress

If you’re considering Nelio as your A/B Testing solution for WordPress, you’re probably wondering what it offers that’s different from its competition and why this matters. In this post, I’ll summarize the top five reasons for using Nelio A/B Testing.

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Nelio A/B Testing 3.3 for Publishers and Avid Bloggers

Nelio A/B Testing 3.3 is finally available for all our customers and it’s a major improvement in the 3.X series. This release comes with lots of new features and improvements that any WordPress user will like, but if you’re a WordPress publisher or a blogger, you’ll love it! We’re the first ones to bring you easy Widget Testing. We improved title experiments by including Headline Testing. We boost the overall performance. Tons of updates are waiting for you!

Nelio A/B Testing 3.2 and New Enterprise Plan

The development of Nelio A/B Testing continues and, with every new release, it includes more functionalities, adds stability improvements, and solves compatibility issues. This week, we’ve launched version 3.2… and it does not come alone, for we also prepared a new Enterprise Plan!

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How To Set Up a Collection of Featured Posts

If you run a blog and you want to show a list of featured posts, there’s plenty of options out there. However, they’re all bloated with tons of options that many of you don’t need. Today, we’re presenting a new plugin we’ve developed: Nelio Featured Posts. If you’re looking for a straight-forward, user-friendly plugin for defining a list of featured posts… well, here you’ll find what you’re looking for!

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Better Nelio A/B Testing with version 3.1 (test your forms, improved CSS editor, …)

Today, we’re announcing the new release of our A/B Testing service for WordPress. It includes several new features, but the most important is related to conversions. With Nelio A/B Testing 3.1 you’ll now able to define Form Submissions as one of the conversion actions of a goal. The plugin seamlessly integrates two of the most-used, well-known form plugins for WordPress: Contact Form 7 and Gravity Forms. But there’s more! Tiny improvements in the user interface, advanced editor for CSS experiments, and several bug fixes are all included.

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User Interface 3.0

One of the main goals we have is to create the easiest, yet powerful, A/B testing tool for WordPress. Our new User Interface contribute


Nelio A/B Testing 3.0 and its new Dashboard

We’re currently working on version 3.0 of Nelio A/B Testing, and believe me when I tell you: it’ll be awesome! Nelio A/B Testing 3.0 will be a more mature, professional, and user-friendly product. This version will include some new features and, today, I’d like to focus on one of them: the Dashboard.


Nelio A/B Testing 2.1.0 features a new Greedy Algorithm and more!

Quick announcement of version 2.1.0 of Nelio A/B Testing, our native split testing and heatmaps solution for WordPress. This new version includes some beautiful updates, but the most amazing one is a new Greedy Algorithm for alternative assignation! Get the most out of every winning alternative from the very beginning!

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What Heatmaps Teach Us

We launched Heatmaps on February 2014 and three months later it’s the second most-loved experiment! A must-have feature we also integrated into A/B tests of pages and posts (so that you can see the heatmap of each testing alternative), because we believe Heatmaps are a perfect companion to A/B Testing. Heatmaps offer valuable information about what […]


How to Use an Image URL to set the Featured Image

WordPress has a powerful media library that simplifies the management of all the images you uploaded to your server. Whenever you set up a featured image for a post, this image has to be in the media library. But, what if you want to use an image that is not (and will not be) there? You can’t! Well, not until now… Take a look at our new plugin!