2015 Nelio A/B Testing

2015 Year in Review

Get a glimpse into the great year we’ve had optimizing conversion rates of WordPress sites with Nelio A/B Testing. A look back at Nelio’s business growth.

WordCamp Cantabria 2015

My Experience at WordCamp Cantabria

The Nelio team tries to attend as many WordCamps as possible, because we believe it’s one of the best ways to contribute to the WordPress community. In this post I share my experience (both as speaker and attendant) in WordCamp Cantabria 2015, which took place in el Palacio de la Magdalena, an awesome palace in Santander, Spain.

Lego workers

How to Easily Install Nelio A/B Testing

In a short video you’ll easily learn how to start working with Nelio A/B Testing, by first installing the Nelio A/B Testing plugin in your WordPress site. No technical knowledge is required. In just few steps, you’ll be able to use Nelio A/B Testing and improve your website.

Bird migration

WordPress Migration Problems and How to Fix Them

Migrating your WordPress site to another location should be a painless process. Just export your database, import it in the new host, move your files there, configure everything, and make the new site live. However, there are some steps that, when not done right, could provoke several problems that cause trouble and lead to unsuccessful site transfers. In this post I’ll review the required steps in a WordPress migration to show you the most common problems I found after three years migrating sites for customers of Migrate To WordPress.

Optimization Plan

Building and Testing an Optimization Plan

To optimize your site you’ll observe, take measures, formulate hypotheses, and test them. It may seem like a lot of work, I know that. But you need to understand this is a consistent, structured, and ongoing process of making your website better over time. There are no silver bullets. Consistency is the key to success!

Which Color Converts The Best?

Which Color Converts The Best?

Just saying that one color converts better than another is senseless. What worked well in a particular website may harm the conversions of another one. That’s why you need to split test different color combinations in your site before choosing the winner one. Take into account color semantics and color-deficient visitors when creating the alternative color designs for your WordPress theme and elements. And then put your site under test. It’s never been that easy.