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Setting up your WooCommerce shop page as conversion goal

If your site includes an eCommerce section, it’s likely that many of your A/B tests will be aimed at enticing more visitors to access your shop page. In WooCommerce, the shop page is a special kind of page that until now Nelio A/B testing was not able to track. I’m happy to say that with […]

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How Usability Tests Improve your WordPress Site

I got curious about the usability performance of our sites, so I tried a bunch of tools that help you understand how good (or bad) your websites are… With no effort at all, I’ve been able to understand a little bit more about our visitors and I increased the conversion rate of our WordPress sites. Here’s what I learned through the process, and here is how you can get similar results!


Most Loved A/B Testing Experiments

Want to know which are the most loved A/B testing experiments provided by Nelio A/B Testing for WordPress? This analysis indicates how our customers use our tool to optimize the conversion rate of their WordPress sites, and to get a better understanding of their visitors. See the chart and start optimizing today.