Headline Testing

A few months ago we launched the first version of our A/B Testing service for WordPress. During this time, the product has introduced many new features, including theme testing, definition of multiple goals, or definition of indirect conversion pages, among others.

The title of a page or post is very important—the more appealing it is, the more likely your users will read the content of that page or post. Therefore, you should probably consider testing different versions of the titles in your WordPress pages and posts.

Since we want Nelio A/B Testing to be simple to use, the new version of our plugin (1.5) introduces A/B and Multivariate Tests for Page/Post Titles. To create a new experiment of this type, follow the general instructions in the Getting Started Guide to setup your account (if you’re new to the Nelio A/B Testing service) and just choose as new experiment the A/B or Multivariate Test for Post/Page Titles.

Screeshot of definition of A/B testing experiment

The screenshot above shows the interface for defining such an experiment. For each alternative title you want to define, just click the New Alternative Title button and set it!

So, what are you waiting for? Nelio A/B Testing is getting easier and easier, and it is compatible with many WordPress hosting providers.

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