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PageBuilder by SiteOrigin is the most popular free drag & drop page builder for WordPress (or, at the very least, the most downloaded one, with more than 1M downloads so far). SiteOrigin makes it easy to build responsive grid-based page content that adapts to mobile devices with accuracy, which is obviously great, but a question remains: How to make sure your new design works better than the previuos one?

To help all SiteOrigin users to answer that question we have verified the compatibility of Nelio A/B Testing for WordPress with SitesOrigin’s page builder. And thanks to Nelio’s native WordPress integration, creating split tests for your SiteOrigin pages will be no different from using SiteOrigin itself.

For instance, let’s take this PageBuilder design showing a page with, first, one full-width text section, then a 2-column layout and finally three widgets at the end showing the latests posts, comments and a search box.

SiteOrigin example

If we have ideas to improve this page and want to make sure our ideas translate into a new design that converts better our visitors, what we need to do is to start an A/B test on that page. With other split testing tools, this would imply manually modifying the HTML generated by SiteOrigin to create the page variants to be tested. The good news is that with Nelio, you create the variants using exactly the same user interface you would use to create a new SiteOrigin page. As easy as it gets!

You can create as many alternative page designs as you wish without giving up the flexibility that SiteOrigin provides, as shown in the following Edit Alternative screenshot taken from the Nelio A/B testing experiment creation process.

SiteOrigin testing alternative

No need to learn external tools to create your tests, just combine the power of Nelio A/B testing and SiteOrigin to create better designs for your WordPress site, all from within the WordPress dashboard! Try it now!

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