Conversion Optimization for Dummies book
Conversion Optimization for Dummies book

You’re probably seeing lots of people talking about A/B Testing, split testing, conversion optimization rates (CRO), statistical signifcance, …

A/B testing (sometimes called split testing) is one of the easiest ways to increase conversion rates (where a “conversion” is defined as a visitor doing something you’re interested in, i.e. making a purchase, subscribing to your mailing list,…) and learn more about your visitors.

A/B testing does pretty much what the name suggests, it tests different versions of your website against the current one. In the end, you measure which version was more successful and select that version for real-world use. Anything can be the key to turn more visitors into customers so it’s important to tests all aspects of the site (titles, posts, pages, theme, …).

If you’re not A/B Testing your site already, well, then you should start ASAP because, most likely, your competitors are doing it right now and with it learning enough to tune their websites in order to trap the customers that you let escape.

At Nelio, we have created some introductory material to teach you the basics of A/B Testing to make sure you’re not left behind. In no more than 5 minutes you’ll learn enough to know how A/B testing can help you. Go there now!, I’ll wait for you to come back.

Convinced already? Then, choose among our A/B testing plans and start making more money with your site today!

And don’t worry, if you need more help to get started, we offer consultancy services to advice you on what to test to maximize your results. We are aware that same as a white coat does not make you a doctor, understanding A/B testing is a great starting point but does not make you an expert on website optimization so if your first tests are unsuccessful do not hesitate to get in touch for a personalized review of your site.

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