WordPress A/B testing for pages and posts

The latest version of our Nelio A/B testing plug-in includes a very exciting new feature: A/B split testing and multivariate testing for WordPress posts (and not only pages). Moreover, conversion goals can also be now posts so that you can test which title / content for a post (or page) brings more people to that post you want people to visit!

To begin, you just need to choose the “New A/B or Multivariate Tests for Posts” option in the Add Experiment page:

WordPress A/B testing for posts

Once there you’ll see an interface similar to the one you had to define split tests for WP pages but focusing on blog posts:


Once the post is created, the experiment works as usual (i.e. randomly showing the original post or one of the alternatives to your visitors and monitoring the effect of each alternative on the conversion goal) and as soon as the data becomes available you’ll be able to access the familiar results page with all the summary data you need to take an informed decision.

Start A/B testing your posts right now! (and read our Getting Started guide for additional help if needed).

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